The Demise of the SEC?? Say it isn’t so – It Isn’t!!

Ok, I am already in a bad mood and the season hasn’t even started. After watching cut ins on ESPN, the Kick Off shows, the Talking Heads, and other BS non sense, it seems like all they want to talk about is the demise of the SEC. Are you freaking kidding me?? The best conference in America, lead by the best coaches, with the best athletes, the best recruiting classes, and the most NFL draft picks. The biggest and best stadiums with the best fans and the best tailgating. Let’s see…A night game in Baton Rouge ( that starts at 7 AM ) or a wine a cheese party in Chapel Hill? A November 25th game in Columbia, SC where it is sunny and 78 degrees, or freezing temperatures, snow, and slop in Happy Valley? The worlds greatest outdoor cocktail party between Florida and Georgia or sipping champagne…in Champaign, Illinois? A bunch of tree huggers in the Northwest or a bunch of screaming fools yelling pig-pig soooie with rifles in their hands. Well, I may have to rethink that one???College Football Kickoff

This is supposed to be the year when all the BSC crap is finally over. Replace the computers with humans and everything will be fixed. Well, we are not getting off to a good start. The SEC may be the most balanced league ever and because of that, they may have a 2 loss champion. All the so called experts want to see this. In that scenario, no one from the powerful SEC could have a team in the 4 team playoff. What a joke that would be.

Before Braxton Miller ( starting QB and Heisman hopeful from Ohio State ) got hurt, they were touting OSU as a final four team. Really?? This is a team that plays 1 Top 25 team all year long – Michigan State. Is this what we as college football die hards want to see? Big time programs scheduling nothing beat cream puffs? How about Wisconsin? After game 1 vs. LSU, they will roll to an 11-1 season. No Ohio State, no Michigan, and no Michigan State on the schedule this year. I bet their fans will be screaming for one of the playoff spots! Do they deserve it with a schedule like that? At least Oregon  plays Michigan State, Stanford, and UCLA. If they win them all, they deserve a spot in the Final 4. I am not a FSU honk, but look at their schedule. OK State, Clemson, ND, Louisville, Florida, and The “U”. That’s the type of schedule where if you win them all, you deserve a Final Four slot.

So let’s get back to the real story. No matter what their records are, the SEC should have their champion as automatically in one of the Final 4 spots. Truly, the second best team from the powerful SEC should have an automatic bid. The Big 10 champion should have to play the ACC champion for the 3rd slot. The PAC 12 champion should have to play the Big 12 for the final spot. There you have it. The Final 4 is made up of 2 teams from the SEC, 1 team from west of the Mississippi, and 1 more team from about east of the Mississippi.

Auburn vs. K State, LSU, South Carolina, Texas A&M, Georgia, and Alabama. Florida vs. Alabama, Tennessee, LSU, Georgia, Missouri, South Carolina, and FSU. Georgia vs. Clemson, South Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, Auburn, and Georgia Tech. LSU vs. Wisconsin, Auburn, Florida, Alabama, and Texas A&M. South Carolina vs. Texas A&M, Georgia, Missouri, Tennessee, Auburn, Florida, and Clemson. Alabama vs. West Virginia, Florida, Texas A&M, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, LSU, Tennessee, and Auburn. Is there any question as to why the SEC is the best conference in the land?

Several years ago I went to a football clinic and former ‘Bama coach Gene Stallings was the guest speaker. He said, in his famous southern drawl, “Boys, if you want to win football games, you have to run the ball”. Then he said, “Boys, if you want to win football games, you have to stop the run”. Think Stanford went to that clinic? Did FSU attend that one?. Both of those schools are built like an…..SEC team!! Not a CHUCK and DUCK program!

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