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Typically, this is a down time in the world of sports. The NBA is finally over, most of golf’s majors are done, the chance of a triple crown winner has once again vanquished, and we as a nation are desperately waiting for the upcoming football season. Usually, the only thing that keeps our sporting interest this time of the year are a few MLB pennant races. But lately there have been several intriguing stories to occupy our time.

sports news and UpdatesThe NBA had has it’s share of headline news the past few months. The Sterling nightmare is a soap opera/black eye for the league and just won’t go away. Please Donald, sign the sale papers and go to some nursing home where you belong! The summer of big name player movement perked our interest for the last few months. Melo did his dog and pony show only to remain in the Big Apple. I thought it was about winning for him? Let’s be real. The only thing that matters to 99.9% of all players is the check! Stay in NY where it is all about you. ‘Bron toyed with the media for months and finally said adios to the fun in the sun to return home to sunny, warm, rich, titletown…..CLEVELAND! OK, he has a sense for family, home, and giving back to his community. I admire that. He has his rings now and the thought of winning an NBA title in C Town will certainly add to his legacy. Even if he does win an NBA title there, he will still be behind MJ…SORRY! Cleveland is in the midst of making a huge move by shipping off their #1 pick this year, their #1 pick from last year, and possibly their #1 pick in ’15 or ’16 to bring in Kevin Love. With LeBron, Irving, Love, and a mix of other off season free agent pick ups, Cleveland has gone from the outhouse to the penthouse in just a few months!

Staying with the NBA, I can’t believe Kevin Durant walked away from Team USA citing being tired and worn out. Was he afraid of being injured like team mate Paul George? Look, these guys play year round, they have to so they can stay in shape. The chances of getting hurt on the playground is much higher there than on the court with world class athletes. This just smells like the build up of his summer of 2016 dog and pony show whens he becomes a free agent and the world will be kissing his…..I want to go home….to Washington for a BRINKS truck full of $$$$!

The world of golf has had an interesting summer. Dustin Johnson is suspended from the PGA Tour, I mean takes a leave of absence ( wink, wink, nod, nod ) for failing his 3rd drug test. Kinda makes sense now when you look back and see some of the tournaments he has lost down the stretch. The dark side of the drug world has rarely made it’s way in the world of golf. Hard to focus on that little white ball when you are seeing a rainbow of colors! It’s one thing to have a Jack and Coke after a round, but Coke without the Jack ain’t gonna work on Tour!

What would the world of golf be without a Tiger story. Out, injured, back, re-injured, out, back, quitting after 9 holes, and back again. I think everyone that follows golf said a few years back that he was going to shatter all of Jack’s records. As I write this story, I think Jack will remain the greatest golfer ever. Tiger’s body is breaking down and father time may be catching up with him. Although he is still relatively young, if he does not shut it down for a lengthy period of time and revamp his swing, T will become just another average golfer. It seems like young Rory has taken over the sport and we are now in need ( let’s be honest here ) of an American to go head to head with Rory for golfing supremacy. Could it be Jordan Speith? Bubba Watson? Would love for it to be Phil but sadly, father time may be catching up with him also. Golf needs the head to head duels. Jack vs. Arnie. Tiger vs. Phil. Rory vs. ???

What the hell is going on….in Boston?? Red Sox Nation has had their guts ripped out. After winning the World Series…again…in 2013, they have given up on’14 and sent their entire pitching rotation out the door. Think about shipping off Beckett ( from the previous year ) and now Lester, Peavy, Doubrant, Lackey, and Miller. Holy Cow ( thanks Scooter for that )!! Sure, they have a lot of young prospects and will have a lot of green to spend for next year, but this is tough to swallow. Maybe they will bring Lester back. Maybe they will get Max from Detroit. Maybe they will sign James Fields. Maybe they will be back on top in 2015.

Call me old school. Remember the days when you focused on High School football on Friday Nights? Then you watched College football on Saturdays. And then you watched the NFL all day on Sunday. Then along came Monday Night Football – Howard, Frank, and Dandy Don. WOW, that was exciting! Then we got College football on Thursday night. We now had football from Thursday to Monday and we were in couch potato heaven! Now, we have to choose between the NFL and College on Thursday and choose between HS and College on Friday. Sprinkle in a few College games on Sunday, a few NFL games on Saturdays, and the whole weekend is mucked up having to make too many choices! Can we please go back to College on Thursday, HS on Friday, College on Saturday, and the NFL on Sunday and Monday? Sure would make my life easier!

Speaking of football. I know we can’t wait for it to start, but I think I would rather watch the WNBA over a preseason NFL game. 13-10 games don’t excite me. Watching the #1 QB go 4-7 for 23 yards is painful. The star RB carrying the ball 3 times for 5 yards is a yawner. That really hurts to say! 6:00 PM on August 28 can’t get here soon enough! Williams Brice Stadium. Tailgating. Steve Superior. Cocky. 2001 blaring. Fireworks. SEC Football. And the Gamecocks take the field! Put me in Coach!!

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