Two Rival Helicopter Pilots Undergo Transgender Reassignment

Bob Tur and Dirk Vahle,  both chopper pilots who covered the O.J. Simpson Bronco chase and the Reginald Denny beating via  helicopter are no longer males.

Once fierce rivals, Dirk Vahle is now Dana VahleTur, a former KCBS pilot, underwent sexual reassignment surgery and is nowZoey Tur.

Dirk Vahle, the other fomer news pilot for KNBC is now Dana Vahle.

According to, Tur and Vahle were the first 2 chopper pilots to spot the O.J. Bronco … and they fought publicly over who saw O.J. first.

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Vahle and Tur, who were considered to be the best in the field in the 1990’s, were fierce competitors. They reportedly hadn’t had contact for years and were unaware that the other had undergone the gender process…It was a  mutual friend — and helicopter pilot — Desiree Horton told Tur to reach out to her old nemesis.

“Desiree told me I should get in touch with Dirk Vahle,” Tur told KPCC. “I said, ‘Why? Dirk Vahle is an a–hole.’ She said, ‘Because Dirk is now Dana.”

Now, sources say that the two have put their competitive past behind them and have become great friends.

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Dana Vahle (formerly Dirk Vahle) started her change two years before Tur, who publicly announced in June 2013 that she had gender identity disorder (GID) and had already begun therapy.

Zoey Tur (formerly Bob Tur) is an American broadcast reporter and scientist best known for designing and building one of the first modern news helicopters used for live news reporting. On June 12, 2013, Tur appeared on Talk Radio One’s Marc Germain Show and in a TMZ interview with Harvey Levin to announce that she is using hormone replacement therapy (HRT) transitioning to live as a woman, and will be changing her name legally to Zoey.

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