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March Madness History

The NCAA Tournament is one of the most beloved traditions in the sports world. The tournament is a single elimination tournament that has spanned many decades since its inception. The tournament was first played in 1939, where only 8 teams participated in the even. These eight teams were split into two divisions (East and West) with four teams in each. The teams were Brown, Wake Forest, Ohio State, and Villanova from the East Division and Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah State, and Texas from the West. Oregon was the first winner of the NCAA Tournament when they defeated Ohio State 46-33.

The NCAA Tournament has expanded exponentially since those days. In 1951, the field of teams was expanded from 8 to 16 teams. This was followed shortly after by another expansion where the tournament could include any number of teams from 22 to 25 in 1953. Prior to 1975, only one team per conference was allowed in the tournament; however, when the tournament expanded again to an even 32 teams, this rule was dropped. 32 teams only lasted until 1979, when the tournament included 40 teams.

This setup proved unwieldy however, and in 1980 the tournament expanded again to include 48 teams. 1983 was the advent of the “play-in” game, as the tournament expanded to 52 teams and incorporated four such games. 1984 Tried to tweak this by introducing one more play-in game with 53 teams total, but this also proved to be difficult to follow, so in 1985, the field finally expanded to 64 teams.

The tournament would stay at 64 until 2001, when the people running it decided to add one more team and bring back the play-in game. This is how the tournament has been organized up until this point, but there is another change looming for this season’s tournament. This year the NCAA Tournament will expand to 68 teams for the first time, bringing back a 4 play-in games format to the tournament.

NCAA Tournament Facts

 1. Did the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament always have a set number of teams that were allowed in?

A. Yes

B. No

2. Since 1979, when was the last time that all four #1 seeds advanced to the Final Four?

A. 1997 – Kentucky, Minnesota, North Carolina, Arizona

B. 2001 – Duke, Michigan State, Arizona, Maryland

C. 2008 – Kansas, Memphis, North Carolina, UCLA

D. It has never happened

3. When was the last time that no #1 seeds made the Final Four?

A. 1980 – Louisville, Iowa, Purdue, UCLA

B. 2006 – UCLA, Florida, LSU, George Mason

C. 2000 – Michigan State, Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin

D. 1995 – UCLA, Arkansas, North Carolina, Oklahoma State

4. How many teams were allowed to play in the very first NCAA Tournament?

A. 8

B. 16

C. 32

D. 64

5. Which school first made it to three consecutive Final Fours two different times?

A. Ohio State

B. Oregon

C. Stanford

D. Oklahoma A&M

6. Which of these small cities has held as many Final Fours as Los Angeles, CA with 2?

A. Evanston, IL

B. Green Bay, WI

C. College Park, MD

D. A and C


7. Who took the buzzer-beating shot in the East Regional Finals of the 1992 season that gave Duke the win over Kentucky?

A. Christian Laettner

B. Grant Hill

C. John Wall

D. Rick Pitino

8. Which of these teams has never been to the Final Four?

A. George Mason

B. Wichita State

C. Arkansas

D. San Diego State

9. What is the highest total for all seeds in the Final Four in a single year?

A. 23 in 1980 (2 Louisville + 5 Iowa + 8 Purdue + 8 UCLA)

B. 17 in 1986 (1 Kansas + 1 Georgetown + 4 Louisville + 11 LSU)

C. 20 in 2006 (2 UCLA + 3 Florida + 4 LSU + 11 George Mason)

D. 22 in 2000 (1 Michigan State + 5 Florida + 8 Wisconsin + 8 North Carolina)

10. Who was the first undefeated national champion?

A. Wisconsin in 1943

B. Kentucky in 1949

C. Indiana in 1953

D. San Francisco in 1956

11. What team holds the record for most points scored in a single game in the NCAA Tournament?

A. Arkansas

B. Kentucky


D. Duke

12. When was the last 3rd place game played in the NCAA Basketball Tournament?

A. 1951

B. 1981

C. 1990

D. 1975

13. Who was the first TV network to show games from the NCAA Tournament?
C. Fox

14. What are the only two years in which a number one seed did not make the Final Four?
A. 1939 and 1957
B. 1970 and 1989
C. 1990 and 2001
D. 1980 and 2006

15. When was the last time zero No. 1 seeds made the Final Four?
A. 2007
B. 2006
C. 2000
D. 1987

  • No- During the time period between 1953 and 1974 the number of teams varied between 22 and 25 teams.
  • C
  • B
  • 8
  • A
  • D
  • Christian Laettner
  • San Diego State. Arkansas has been four times, George Mason has been once, and Wichita State has been once.
  • 22 in 2000 (1 Michigan State + 5 Florida + 8 Wisconsin + 8 North Carolina)
  • D
  • UCLA
  • 1981 was the last time a third place game was played.
  • NBC
  • 1980 and 2006
  • D

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