Super Peyton or Super Russell?

The 2014 Super Bowl is just a few days away, and in anticipation of the “big game”  sports enthusiast are and odds makers are weighing in on the outcome.

Peyton Manning Russell WilsonWill it be Denver over Seattle (or vice versa)?  Can Russell hang in the pocket as well as Peyton?  Will it be in with the new or out with the old?  Will Peyton break his all time record of yelling “Ohama” in a single game and more importantly, what are the odds of the Veteran quarterback landing an endorsement deal with Omaha Steaks and  become what Marshawn Lynch is to skittles.

If I had to bet…I’d say that the “Superbowl Point Spreads”   are definitely in his favor.

We are now just days away from settling all of these questions.

Can Peyton win 1 more Super Bowl and solidify himself as one of the all time greatest QB’s, or, will Russell and the new wave Seahawks spoil the going away party? It was great last weekend watching Peyton and Tom battle it out knowing that we were witnessing possibly the final duel in this classic rivalry. It was also kind of ironic that the final 4 teams left in the playoffs were between 2 of the young guns and 2 of the legends of the game.

There is a definite changing of the guard in the NFL right now. If Peyton retires, we are left with that other Manning, Big Ben, Brady, Rogers, Rivers, Romo, Cutler, and Brees representing the old school and then most every other QB is under 25 years old. With Bridgewater, Bortles, and Manziel coming in next year ( and sure to start for whatever hapless team drafts them ), the league will get even younger at the QB position! Which one of the young guns will elevate their team to the elite level? Can Newton lead Carolina? They have the defense but Cam needs another wide out opposite of an aging Steve Smith. The so called experts keep telling us that Detroit is loaded with talent, but, is the problem Matthew Stafford or is he the answer? The clock is ticking once again in Motown! Flacco got the huge jack in Baltimore after a Super Bowl win but several key players either left or retired. Can the Ravens rebuild around him or fade into mediocrity? And then there is the inept J-E-T-S JETS, JETS, JETS! Mark Sanchez? Geno Smith? Can you say 8-8 for years to come? Cincinnati keeps teasing us with great QB play one week and then Ryan Leaf shows up! And then there is the fiasco in Washington with RG III. Sorry ‘Skins fans, he is a very average QB that got your hopes up last year and then put a dagger in your hearts this season. Stay tuned….more of the same to come! If you are 6’5″ and 230 pounds, call the Raiders. Chances are you will sign a $50,000,000 contract and win…2 games! Once upon a time they were the most feared and recognized team in pro football. Today, they are the west coast version of the Jets! If Christian Ponder didn’t have such a hot wife, he would be out of Minnesota already. He was fragile in college and can’t last a year in the pros. A fragile QB with an aging running back – not a good recipe for success!

As they say, the more things change, the more they remain the same. Final 4 teams left standing next year – Brady and the Pats, Rogers and the Packers, Rivers and the Chargers, and Brees and the Saints.

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