Gisele Bundchen Shared Breastfeeding Instagram Photo

Gisele Bundchen shares picture of herself breastfeeding, and otherwise multitasking.

The supermodel and wife of NFL star Tom Brady, shared an Instagram photo Tuesday of herself, while on the job, breastfeeding Vivian Lake Brady her 1-year-old daughter.

Gisele Breast feeding Photo on InstagramFlanked by a hair and makeup team, the model appears to be serenely feeding her baby without a care in the world.

A photo like this can be positive — these kinds of images help ease all-too-common stigmas that surround public breastfeeding. However, this scene also highlights how difficult it is for most moms to breastfeed in public, at work or otherwise.

There are countless examples of how public breastfeeding is stigmatized. Facebook’s policies allow depictions of violence against women while photos of breastfeeding were banned until recently.

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Last year, Time magazine kicked up controversy when a cover photo of a mother breastfeeding a toddler caused reactions of outrage, disgust and concern for the child’s well-being.

Gisele Bundchen has net worth of $290 million

Then there was the heated debate sparked by a college professor breastfeeding her sick baby in the classroom. Mothers are routinely kicked out of public places for breastfeeding.

Tom Brady has a net worth of $120 million

Breastfeeding Mom on Time Cover

I will never forget the conversations I had with family members about the importance of being “discreet” when breastfeeding my daughter in public. Or the fear of being scolded for exposing my breasts to feed my screaming, hungry infant in the mall. Heaven forbid we offend someone with the exposure of a body part designed to feed babies.

  • A breastfeed last an average of 16 minutes
  • Almost three-quarters of moms produce more milk with their right breast (no corelation to being right or left – handed).
  • Babies will take more milk from the first breast offered.
  • The avearge time it takes for a mom’s milk to let-down or start flowing, during a breastfeed is 56 seconds (but this can vary widely – so don’t get stressed if you take longer).
  • About a third of moms can’t sense let-down. Watch for your milk to flow faster to see it happen.
  • Babies breastfeed until they’re full, not until they ” empty” your breast. On average, babies remove 67% of the milk you have available- this amount can vary widely among moms.
  • Whether breastfeeding or pumping, the amount of milk removed and its fat content are similar.
  • Babies instinctively know how to get your milk quickly and efficiently: they start breastfeeding with a faster suck for stimulation until you let-down. then when your milk is flowing, they switch to a slower, deeper suck and eat until they are full.It’s common for babies to have resting periods during breastfeeding – sometimes they ” take breaks” in between sucks.
  • Your baby controls your breastmilk flow with an instinctive action that includes sucking, swallowing and breathing – your milk flows during the actual sucking part, when your baby moves his tongue a certain way.
  • Your milk sprays out of many holes, not just one.82% of breastfeeding moms use a breastpump.73% of breastfeeding/breastpumping moms get outside help. There’s an entire profession dedicated to successful breastfeeding – lactation consultants are passionate about helping you and your baby breastfeed. You can find one in your state at (click on “About IBLCE” then “US Registry of IBCLC’s”)
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends exclusive breastfeeding (that mean no formula – but pumped breastmilk is okay) for 6 months and continued brestfeeding for a minimum of 1 year. Actual recent statistics:
  • 71% of babies have ever breastfed.
  • 36%still breastfeed at 6 monts.
  • 17% still breastfeed at 1 year.
  • Years ago, breastpumps resembled turkey basters. We’ve come a long way.
  • No matter your size, you’ll make enough milk for your baby – A cups, rejoice.
  • When your child is grown, you’ll fondly remember the warm, unique bond you shared while breastfeeding – quarenteed.

ABOUT: Gisele Caroline Bündchen is a Brazilian fashion model and occasional film actress and producer. She is the goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme.


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