Mike Tomlin Faces Fine for Sideline Incident

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin and his  controversial near-interference with Ravens kick returner Jacoby Jones on a 73-yard kick off Mike Tomlin crosses line with gamesmanshipreturn in the third quarter of Thursday nights 20-22 lost to the Baltimore Ravens, is the subject of “an aggressive review,”  by the NFL.

According to a league source the Tomlin incident could result in stiff financial penalties for both the coach and the team including a significant fine and a possible  forfeiture of a draft pick.

Mike Tomlin Quotes

Tomlin, as a head coach and as someone who was recently appointed to the NFL’s powerful Competition Committee, erred in being that close to the field of play, no matter what, and while the NFL can’t legislate his intent, the league’s past handling of these issues speaks to the seriousness with which it takes the matter.

Tomlin was caught by cameras watching him on the jumbo scoreboard while Jones returned a kick into Pittsburgh territory on a potentially game-altering play that could have resulted in a score. Tomlin nearly made contact with Jones, and while the coach has claimed he was not trying to impact the play, the NFL will come down hard.

The review is expected to be completed on Monday.

Given the league’s internal reaction to this situation, a fine in the range of six figures would not be surprising. “It’s very difficult to determine intent, but the circumstances do not bode well for Tomlin,” as one long-time NFL league office veteran put it.

Mike Tomlin net worth and salary: Mike Tomlin is the current head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers who has a net worth of $16 million and annual salary of $5.75 million. Mike Tomlin accumulated his net worth as one of the youngest coaches in the history of American sports and he is the first black head coach to lead the Steelers.

Mike Tomlin Quotes:

“You know we as coaches know that we are going to be judged by those calculated decisions that you make, but I think if you die, you die with your boots on”

Re: Play fakes like the one attempted by the Lions

 “They create disruption, they create negativity in the run game”

Re: Looking ahead to the great play of the Lions’ D-linemen

 “Our first charge is to handle our own business and we haven’t done that consistently enough to look outside our own house.”

Re: If the Steelers could move up in their division due to other losses

 “I don’t want him listening to the elevator music, I want him to listen to what matters”

Re: Comments coach made earlier to reassure Le’Veon Bell not to care what the media says or writes

“He’s the bell cow if you will, got a hot motor”

Re: Upcoming opponent Oakland DE Lamarr Houston

“The plays themselves aren’t new, the window dressing is”

Re: Using wildcat plays

 “He’s had what I call junior varsity punts”

Re: Zoltan Mesko’s erratic punting

“It’s silly”

Re: Why coach banned player flips into the end zone for touchdowns

 “He’s a battle tested guy”

Re: Steelers new Tackle Levi Brown with 7 years experience

 “They are tough to block schematically, to get hats on hats”

Re: Upcoming Jets team

 “His pedigree is very evident”

Re: NY Jets rookie QB Geno Smith out of WVU

“The proof is in the pudding”

Re: Steelers defensive packages against tight ends

 “We had an opportunity to physically work those areas, individually, working on skill development, consistency and movement appropriate to positions.”

Re: Ongoing work with the Offensive Line

ABOUT:  Michael Tomlin is the current head coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the American Football Conference, succeeding Bill Cowher. Tomlin is the third youngest head coach in any of the four major North American professional sports. Wikipedia

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