It’s Saturday, It’s College Football, It’s Crazy!!

Week after week I tell you to hang on to your jock straps and let the season play out. 3 weeks ago your team may have been out of the BCS title game but as each week unfolds, you get closer and closer to the big game.

BCS Poll College FootballWho would have thought that about 3 weeks ago we would be talking about FSU and Baylor playing in the BCS National Championship game?

After Thursday nights games, anything can happen at this point. I have been saying for a month now that the title game was going to be played by ‘Bama and Oregon, that’s the matchup all of America wanted to see. Today, after Stanford once again showed the college world the blueprint for beating ( dismantling ) Oregon, we now have the title game that the Talking Heads have been suggesting for a few weeks – Alabama vs. FSU. Make no mistake, what Stanford did to Oregon was no accident. Imagine what a bigger, stronger, and faster Alabama team would have done to Oregon!

The Alabama – FSU game will be a better game. The Seminoles “look” more like an SEC team than the Ducks. But here is the reality – it may not happen after all!

FSU is pretty much a lock at this point to play in the BCS title game. With an Ohio State like schedule for the rest of the year ( Wake Forest, Syracuse, Idaho, Florida, and the ACC championship game vs. Miami or Va. Tech ), they surely won’t stumble against those cream puffs. Alabama on the other hand gets a huge test at home tonight against their nemesis LSU. Always expect the unexpected when you play Les Miles. When he is supposed to win, they falter. Give him no chance, and they play like world beaters. Tonight, they have no chance! So, you know what that means. After the Tide play the Tigers, they still have the #10 team in the country and hated rival Auburn to contend with. Then, if they can escape those 2 monster games, they have to contend with the SEC East winner in the SEC championship game!

The way this season is unfolding there is a very good chance that for the first time in like 54 years we won’t have an SEC team in the BCS championship game! All you SEC haters out there must love that possibility!

With Baylor dismantling Big Game Bob and Stanford taking Oregon to the wood shed on Thursday, the biggest loser of all of that was Ohio State. Before we start play in a few hours today, here are my Top 6 teams:

  1. college-footballAlabama
  2. FSU
  3. Stanford
  4. Baylor
  5. Ohio State
  6. Oregon

Your conference and who you play really takes on more significance as the season unfolds. After beating up #8 Oklahoma the other night, the Bears still have ranked teams Texas Tech and Oklahoma State, just on the outside and rising quickly Texas, and always tough TCU. As long as Baylor keeps winning they will stay ahead of OSU who has not played anyone and may only have #19 Michigan State left on their schedule. Truly, a one loss ‘Bama, a 1 loss Stanford, or a 1 loss FSU team is better than Ohio State. OSU fans, you may love your Buckeyes, but understand your team is not going anywhere until you start playing a national schedule….and winning those games! Don’t schedule Buffalo, Florida A&M, Cal, and San Diego State. How about Buffalo, Texas A&M, Va. Tech, and Arizona State ( as an example ) for your non-conference games? Win those games, dominate the Big 10, and you would be knocking on the door for the BCS National Championship game!

So, it’s almost game time. Lace up your shoes, get that cup in place ( beer cup that is ), put on your eye black, and crank up the volume on the big screen – Gameday is about to start and it’s time to settle in for another wild day of college football – the greatest game in the land!

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