College Football 2013 – Recapping Week 9

CLANK…That sickening sound you hear, when the game is on the line, and your kicker hits the upright for a game tying or winning field goal.

EERIE SILENCE…That sudden lack of noise when a collective group of fans (60,000), in unison, become dead quiet when your kicker misses a game tying or winning field goal. Your dream season abruptly ends and you are left speechless.

That was the scene last night in Columbia, Missouri when in Double OT, Missouri misses a chip shot field goal to send the game into a 3rd OT and the ball bounces off of the left upright sending Gamecock Nation into a frenzy. In what should have been billed as the Game of the Day in college football, the South Carolina Gamecocks stormed back from a 17 point 4th quarter deficit behind injured QB Connor Shaw to force OT. Shaw was hurt last week in Carolina’s upset loss at Tennessee. Had Carolina won that game we would have been looking at the number 5 team in the country hosting the number 6 team in the country and a HUGE SEC East showdown with national implications. But in this suddenly crazy season it did not materialize that way and Missouri stole the national spotlight. Truly, in a year in which the SEC is beating up on and kocking each other off, Alabama is now clearly carrying the torch for the conference. All of the SEC haters out there must be loving this scenario now. If ‘Bama somehow loses 1 game, the SEC will most likely be out of the BCS National Championship game for the first time in like… 14 years!!! Missouri – WELCOME TO THE SEC!!! Now you have to deal with Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Texas A&M if you want a piece of that “RED” team and a chance to play for the BCS title!

Yesterday was another wild day in the world of college football. How about Duke over Va. Tech? Just when you thought Beamer Ball was back, the Hokies offense failed to show up and the Dookies are on their way…. to another bowl game????? Just when you thought Nebraska may become significant again, they fail to show up at Minnesota and the Gophers left the Black Shirts wondering if they have the right coach in place. Newsflash to Husker Fan….Just like Clemson fan, you are not a national power anymore. Stop living in the 80’s! Undefeated Texas Tech ain’t undefeated anymore as Big Game Bob and Boomer Sooner took out the #10 team. The scare of the day was The”U” scoring late to avoid disaster at the hands of Weak Forest. UCLA plays well for a half and then the Ducks roll in the second half to eliminate the Bruins title hopes. I thought with a week off and coming off an upset win over Michigan that Penn State would be primed for Ohio State. Instead, the Buckeyes demolished the Nittany Lions and scored a lot of national “style points”. However, unless things completely go haywire at the top, there is no way OSU gets to play for the big ring. Their schedule is pathetic and the conference is weaker than ever. Clemson looked lethargic coming off an embarrassing loss to FSU and let the depleted Maryland Terrapins hang around before they out classed them down the stretch.

Heisman Update: We are getting closer to narrowing the choices for the top individual prize in college football. he or is.. he not Winston a viable candidate? Does 1 game suddenly thrust you in the talk? Let’s see what he does this week versus the Hurricanes. The pecking order at this time is #1 Marcus Mariota. #2 is AJ McCarron. #3 is Johnny Manziel – period. The rest of the names are tied for 4th. Mariota leads the top offense in the land and he will win it or lose it it on November 7th when the Ducks play at Stanford. AJ McCarron is so underestimated and gets no love because of his surrounding cast. He is a leader on the field, makes no mistakes, and does everything asked of him to win championship after championship. By the way, isn’t that why you play the game? Johnny Manziel is having a better season statistically than last year when he won the Heisman. His off the field problems have hurt him but he is lighting it up right now despite nagging injuries and a porous defense.

A To Z Top 25:

  1. Alabama 8-0
  2. Oregon 8-0
  3. FSU 8-0
  4. Ohio State 8-0
  5. Baylor 7-0
  6. Miami 7-0
  7. Stanford 7-1
  8. Oklahoma 7-1
  9. Clemson 7-1
  10. Missouri 7-1
  11. Auburn 7-1
  12. Oklahoma State 6-1
  13. Texas A&M 6-3
  14. LSU 7-2
  15. Fresno State 7-0
  16. South Carolina 6-2
  17. Louisville 7-1
  18. Northern Illinois 8-0
  19. Texas Tech 7-1
  20. Oregon State 6-2
  21. UCLA 5-2
  22. Michigan State 7-1
  23. Michigan 6-1
  24. UCF 6-1
  25. TIE Wisconsin 5-2, Notre Dame 6-2, Virginia Tech 6-2


#6 Miami @ #3 FSU

Tennessee @ #10 Missouri

#11 Auburn @ Arkansas

#12 Oklahoma State @ #19 Texas Tech

Mississippi State @ #16 South Carolina

#23 Michigan @ #22 Michigan State

Georgia @ Florida

Huge game in the Sunshine State as Miami playes FSU. Winner of this game stays in the BCS title game chase while the loser is on the outside looking in. Can Missouri bounce back after their heartbreaking loss to the Gamecocks? Is Auburn for real? Does Auburn control the SEC  in a weird kind of way ( knock off Georgia and bring South Carolina back into the picture for the East title – knock off hated Alabama and turn the SEC upside down )? Will Arkansas give up 52 points for the third week in a row? Does the battle of Michigan do anything for the dismal Big 10? Can you believe that the “World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party” ( Georgia and Florida ) has no national meaning this year?

Something to think about….It is awfully ironic that Alabama plays LSU in 2 weeks ( 11/9 ) and both of these schools have a bye this week. And, Oregon plays Stanford on 11/7 and both of these schools have byes this week. Did the schedule makers guess right when they put these schedules together?

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