College Football 2013 – Recapping Week 7

College football 2013, Week 7 Recap.College Football Week 7

We’ve been waiting for upset Saturday and it finally happened yesterday! Depending on which poll you read ( me personally I like the A To Z poll ), there were 17 undefeated teams going into play on Saturday. Oklahoma got spanked in the Red River clash by Texas, Stanford falls short at Utah, and Mee-chigan gets tripped up in Happy Valley. Once beaten Georgia ( decimated by injuries ) lays an egg at home versus Missouri, Texas A&M barely survives at Ole Miss, Louisville hangs on at home vs. Rutgers, and Clemson holds off a pesky Boston College team.

The top 2 teams, Alabama and Oregon, cruise and stay on course for the BCS National Championship game while many others are now trying to put themselves in position to replace one of these 2 teams should they falter. At this point in the season, it’s hard to see a one loss team making it to the title game. However, as we have seen in the past, there are a lot of games to play and after looking over my list  of online sportbook reviews, many of the unbeaten still have to play each other.

Think about the big time games still left on the regular season schedule. Alabama vs. LSU. Oregon vs. UCLA, Stanford, and Oregon State. Clemson vs. FSU and South Carolina. Louisville plays for their conference championship this week versus UCF. The “U” still has games with FSU and Va. Tech. Baylor has to play Oklahoma, Texas Tech, OK. State, TCU, and Texas. How about unbeaten and new media darling Missouri? They still have Florida, South Carolina, and Texas A&M. Texas Tech has Oklahoma, Ok. State, Baylor, and Texas left to play. Oops…I almost forgot unbeaten Ohio State. They have…. nobody left to play. And what about unbeaten Fresno State, Northern Illinois, and Houston? Nice seasons, thanks for playing!

Biggest news from the week is the 2016 no conference schedule. Seems like LSU and Wisconsin will meet at historic Lambeau Field. Great non conference early season game! Isn’t Lam-beau a little French town outside of Baton Rouge??? How about the announced game between Tennessee and Virginia Tech at Bristol Motor Speedway? Wow, what a game between these 2 schools along the I 81 corridor. Bristol holds 160,000 fans. Can you imagine how much moonshine will be consumed that weekend??  A night race, I mean an aerial circus at a legendary sports venue and according to my “guide on betting odds“…it will be a huge sell out!

Memo to Ohio State….this is why the SEC stays relevant and the Little 10 gets no respect around the country. PLAY SOMEBODY!!

Did Mack Brown save his job yesterday with an inspiring win over Big Game Bob? Doubt it…New AD in Texas = new coach. Sorry Mack, and thanks for the memories!

They don’t mind after they find out they don’t have to study for it.

QUOTE by: Mack Brown, asked his player’s reaction to having to take a drug test at Tulane

OK, Penn State finally did beat Michigan in about 12 OT’s. Michigan finally ran out of luck ( this could have been their third loss in a row ) and young QB phenom Christian Hackenberg made some great throws late to win it for the Nittany Lions. My only question is why didn’t Penn State go for the 2 point conversion at the end of regulation? Why put your team in jeopardy and take a chance in OT? You have nothing to play for – no conference championship – no bowl game – live for the moment! You make the 2 point conversion and the stands empty on the field…a legend is born! You miss it, and the fans applaud you for having the courage to try and win the game. Just my thoughts…

There was a Jadeveon Clowney sighting in Arkansas yesterday! He actually played but the real story was Connor Shaw and the Gamecock offense. They just shredded the Razorbacks defense. It does not get any easier for The ‘Ol Ball Coach as the Gamecocks go to Tennessee this weekend for their second of 3 straight SEC road games.

Another tough break for QB James Franklin of Missouri. Once again, he was injured. In what could have been his most shining moment, he had to watch the end of the game between the hedges at Georgia from the sideline with a shoulder separation. Got to feel bad for him. Missouri, now in control of the SEC East has to face Florida, South Carolina, and Texas A&M with their back up QB. OUCH!!

“The fat lady might have cleared her throat, but she hasn’t sung yet.”

Quote by:  Spike Dykes, Texas Tech Coach, after his team lost five of their first six games


  1. Alabama 6-0
  2. Oregon 6-0
  3. Clemson 6-0
  4. Ohio State 6-0
  5. FSU 6-0
  6. Louisville 6-0
  7. Texas A&M 5-1
  8. UCLA 5-0
  9. LSU 6-1
  10. Stanford 5-1
  11. South Carolina 5-1
  12. Miami 5-0
  13. Oklahoma State 4-1
  14. Baylor 5-0
  15. Missouri 6-0
  16. Texas Tech 6-0
  17. Georgia 4-2
  18. Oklahoma 5-1
  19. Fresno State 5-0
  20. Oregon State 5-1
  21. Virginia Tech 6-1
  22. Florida 4-2
  23. Northern Illinois 6-0
  24. Houston 5-0
  25. Michigan State 5-1


Arkansas @ #1 Alabama

#5 FSU @ #3 Clemson

UCF @ #6 Louisville

Auburn @ #7 Texas A&M

#8 UCLA @ #10 Stanford

#9 LSU @ Mississippi

#11 South Carolina @ Tennessee

TCU @ #13 Oklahoma State

Iowa State @ #14 Baylor

#22 Florida @ #15 Missouri

#16 Texas Tech @ West Virginia

#17 Georgia @ Vanderbilt

USC @ Notre Dame

Game Of The Year #3 has FSU going to the other Death Valley – Clemson. HUGE national implications with ACC bragging rights and the winner has a leg up for the BCS title game. Didn’t this game used to be called “The Bowden Bowl”? In a monster PAC 10 game, UCLA goes to Stanford. This game lost a little luster yesterday when Stanford tripped up at Utah. Still a very big national game! Louisville can win their conference championship by beating UCF. If UCF were to win ( and they can ), we won’t have to listen to Louisville fan any more this year! How will Georgia respond now that their BCS title game hopes have vanished? Can Florida bounce back from a tough loss at LSU and burst Missouri’s bubble? With a Missouri loss, will the Gamecocks inch closer to the SEC East title? Can the remaining unbeatens remain…unbeaten??

It’s already been a great year, things really start heating up now! The controversy and water cooler talk should be interesting next week! Stay tuned and keep that remote close by!!!

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