Congatulations Alabama…You just won your 3rd BCS title in a row!!

Alabama Wins over Texas A&M

The game of the century ( for this week ) lived up to all the hype as #1 Alabama ROLLED in to Aggie land and beat Johnny Football SEC Football49-42. It truly was a memorable game as the Aggies stormed to a quick 14-0 lead before I had a chance to pop my first ice cold adult beverage!

The Crimson Tide didn’t flinch and in true championship form, they ripped off 28 unanswered points to take control of the game and never looked back. Manziel had a Heisman performance and made some ESPN highlight plays, but in the end, the TEAM beat the individual!

The schedule worked out perfectly for the Tide as they had last week off to prepare for this showdown. Newsflash….You don’t give Coach Saban extra time to scheme.

The Tide are now on their way to the BCS title game with just 2 interesting games left on the schedule. Ole Miss is on the horizon in 2 weeks ( home game for ‘Bama of course ) and LSU comes to ‘Bama on November 9. Are we heading towards a Alabama vs. Oregon National Championship game? Maybe, but LSU has a better defense than A&M and the Ducks have to get past Stanford. Still a long way to go. Great quote yesterday from Coach Saban on national TV. He said “The only thing that matters is how well we play on that 53 x 100 yard triangle”. I am sure everyone is having fun with that one! Stick to coaching football Nick, a math major you are not!

Speaking of Alabama, when is AJ McCarron going to get some national love? All the dude does is win! I think he is like 92-2 in his career win 7 BCS titles. He may not have the flash of some of the other hyped QB’s but he is the ultimate team player, executes the offense flawlessly, is a coach on the field, and respects the game. To me, Johnny Manziel is a combination of Steve Young and Joe Montana. AJ is a combination of Aaron Rodgers and Eli Manning. He won’t win the Heisman but he will win the bigger prize once again, the Championship Trophy.

Just when you thought Michigan may be a top 10 team, they vomitted all over themselves yesterday. Thanks to a few home calls, they SURVIVED against lowly Akron. They mighty Zips almost pulled off an Appalachian State but the Maize and Blue made a goal line stance in the last few seconds to hang on to a 28-24 victory and preserve Coach Hoke’s perfect home record since taking over the program. Another black eye for the Little 10.

More from the Little 10. How about the Nebraska lay down yesterday? The Cornshuckers jump out to a 21-3 lead and then get thumped by the Bruins 41-21. Let’s see…that is a run of 38 unanswered points by the Bruins – better call Coach Saban to see if my math is correct! We haven’t seen a Bruin run like that since the John Wooden days!!

If you have been reading my stories, you know that I am giving the Little 10 a hard time ( and rightfully so of course ). But here is the College Football SEC reality, they can’t play with the PAC 10 during the regular season and they can’t play with the SEC during the bowl season. But yet the Little 10 honks keep screaming for national respect and say they deserve to be mentioned in the same breathe with the mighty SEC. I don’t get it. Play somebody, beat somebody, and maybe you could surpass the BIG 12 and move into 4th place in the conference power rankings ( behind the SEC, PAC 10, and ACC ). So, let’s make believe football is like basketball and we have the SEC/BIG 10 showdown during week 3 of the regular season. SEC #1 Alabama vs. BIG 10 #1 Ohio State. ‘Bama wins 49-13. SEC #2 Georgia vs. BIG 10 #2 Michigan. Georgia wins 51-17. SEC #3 Texas A&M vs. BIG 10 #3 Wisconsin. Texas A&M wins 63-17. Manziel throws for 376 yards and rushes for 221 yards! SEC #4 LSU vs. BIG 10 #4 Nebraska. LSU wins 40-10. SEC #5 South Carolina vs. BIG 10 #5 Northwestern. South Carolina wins 38-24. SEC #6 Florida vs. BIG 10 #6 Michigan State. Florida wins 24-6. Do I need to go on any further? The BIG 10 may win one game, Indiana could upset Kentucky. Wait a minute…I lost my head – that would be a basketball win for the BIG 10, not a football win!!! OUCH!

I don’t know why, but I turned on the Oregon and Tennessee game during a ‘Bama time out. It was the Canary Yellow Ducks versus the Carrot Orange Vols! I thought for a moment it was a commercial for Fruit Roll Ups or Starburst with all those rainbow colors! Whatever happened to “tough” colors like Silver & Black? I bet Bear Bryant and Joe Pa are shaking their heads.

Louisville was not impressive against the worst team in the SEC, Kentucky. Louisville’s schedule is awful this year and this win did not do anything to help them nationally.

Is Ohio State better with Braxton Miller on the sidelines? Got to wonder….. Kenny Guiton may be the best backup QB in the country and would start for dozens of other schools! Miller and Guiton may be the best 1-2 combo in the country. I think the boys down at South Carolina ( Connor Shaw and Dylan Thompson ) may have some thing to say about that!

A To Z Top 25

  1. Alabama 2-0
  2. Oregon 3-0
  3. Clemson 2-0
  4. Ohio State 3-0
  5. Stanford 2-0
  6. LSU 3-0
  7. Georgia 1-1
  8. Texas A&M 2-1
  9. FSU 2-0
  10. Louisville 3-0
  11. Oklahoma 3-0
  12. South Carolina 2-1
  13. Oklahoma State 3-0
  14. Michigan 3-0
  15. UCLA 2-0
  16. Mississippi 3-0
  17. Miami 2-0
  18. Washington 2-0
  19. Baylor 2-0
  20. Northwestern 3-0
  21. Notre Dame 2-1
  22. Arizona State 2-0
  23. Georgia Tech 2-0
  24. Wisconsin 2-1
  25. Boise State 2-1

Message to all the men out there. If your wives or girlfriends are complaining too much about you being glued to the TV and watching college football all day on Saturday, this is the weekend to do something nice for them. Take your significant other on a weekend getaway and tell her that she is more important than football and deserves a break from the mundane – you will be a hero! By the way, the week 4 games stink and this is your chance to get back on her good side! There are a few interesting games but NONE of national significance. Clemson v. NC State, Michigan State v. ND, Utah State v. USC, Auburn v. LSU, Utah v. BYU, K State v. Texas, Arizona State v. Stanford, Purdue V. Wisconsin, Tennessee v. Florida, UNC v. Georgia Tech. Things will get a whole lot better in week 5!

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