Joan Rivers Threatens Lawsuit if Michael Lohan Doesn’t Shut Up

Joan Rivers can darn sure “dish it out” but she can’t take it.

Joan Rivers Sue Michael Lohan The 80-year-old star and Michael Lohan , have embarked on a war of words after Joan made a joke about his daughter Lindsay Lohan on an episode of her E! show.

In response, to Rivers remarks Michael Lohan apparently made a statement about  Joan claiming that she has an obsession  with needles, cutting and self-mutilation’ – referring to her love  of  plastic surgery.  Rivers found Lohans reference to “cutting” to be the most offensive.

The “he said she said”  battle of unflattering remarks between the Rivers and Lohan continued.  Despite her comments about Lindsay…Joan has found  ‘papa” Lohan’s remarks to be totally out of  line.

The ” Queen Of Comedy’ turned celebrity fashion expert has admitted to having over 700 plastic surgery procedures during her lifetime including a plethora of Botox injections, several nose jobs, an eye tuck, liposuction, and a few face lifts.

Rivers  has even been qu0ted as saying… ‘I believe in plastic surgery.  Every weekend I just go in and I do something. I get a tenth one free. It’s a little like coffee – you just keep going.’

In march she also bragged to RadarOnline bout having a Botox treatment: ‘I want to look nice. No one wants to look ugly!’ Joan said.

Her first procedure, an eye lift, was performed in 1965 as an attempt to further her career.  She has acknowledged that  she has been a regular patient of plastic surgeon Steven Hoefflin since 1983.

Joan Rivers Mischael Lohan

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