Lesbian Teenager Faces Jail Time for Violating Order

Kaitlyn Hunt Appears in Court

Kaitlyn Hunt FloridaA Florida teenager, 19, faces jail time for carrying on affair with 14-year-old  classmate and lover  after a court order  was issued BANNING her from from ‘direct or indirect’ contact with the minor child.

Despite the courts no contact ruling issued on February 17, 2013 …Kaitlyn Hunt of Sebastian, Florida, and the minor girl who she was reportedly involved with, exchanged more than 20,000 text messages.

Hunt, who is currently on trial for having a sexual relationship with a minor, may no longer be  eligible for a plea deal due to violating the court order.

Last month, on her 19th birthday Hunt was offered a plea deal by prosecutors.  The plea  agreement would  trade a potential 15 year prison sentence and a lifetime on sex offender registries for three years probation.

Hunt, had not indicated if she would accept the deal when documents detailing her recent ‘lewd and lascivious behavior’ were revealed in court.

The new evidence clearly shows that Hunt has continued to have contact (almost daily) since she was taken out of Sebastian River High School in March.    Therefore prosecutors  in the case may ask that the previous plea agree be dropped.

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