Mike Patterson Man Who Saves Drowning Girl Dies

Mike Patterson, the Georgia dad who was paralyzed after saving a drowning girl passed away on Friday.

Mike Patterson Hero

Patterson and  his son  9-year-old son were at an area of a lake known as the Euharlee Creek  located in Rockmart, Ga., on June 8,  2013.  Patterson noticed a 4-year-old struggling to stay afloat while being swept away by the waters strong current. He  dove in to help.

During his heroic rescue…his  spinal cord was severed in the process.  Since the incident, Patterson has been hospitalized in intensive care.  According to sources,   he died on Friday, with his family by his side.   Patterson suffered  from a number of medical complications while hospitalized following the accident.  These  included respiratory problems, pneumonia, a bacterial infection and a blood clot.

“His life and the lives of others are forever changed by his courageous, split-second decision to save the life of another person. ” Patterson’s family wrote in a statement.

The little girl he helped save was identified as Javaeh Jones.  She emerged from the incident unscathed.    Her mother expressed her gratitude for Patterson’s selflessness.  and told  myfoxatlanta.com  “He’s a God-send basically,” . He was there.  He was supposed to have been there.”

Patterson was 43 years old.

More info: Friends of Mike Patterson Facebook page


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