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With the start of college football just around the corner, I started to think about the changing landscape of the sport. The whole BCS idea is a flat out joke. The NCAA has no control over it’s membership and the thought of “voting” to see who plays in the biggest game of the year just reeks of chaos.

College Football Sports

Don’t get me started on that today – I’ll save that venting for another day! What has sparked my curiosity today is, where have some of the perennial powers or top programs gone over the last few years? Think about the last 10 years and some of the top programs that come to mind are Virginia Tech, Texas, Tennessee, and Southern Cal. Where are they today? What has changed? Are their coaches/programs in trouble? Let’s examine……

Starting with the most over hyped/least productive coach of all time, Lane Kiffin and the USC Trojans. Talk about a cat with 9 lives, how can one man screw up the Raiders, Volunteers, and Trojans?? The Raiders – one of the greatest “brands” in all of professional sports. The Tennessee Vols – National Championships, top college program. The Trojans – probably a top 5 program in the history of college football. At Tennessee he was 7-6 and disappeared in the middle of the night bolting to sunny SoCal. He better not show up in the mountains of Tennessee any time soon! Probation has wrecked Southern Cal ( thanks to Pete Carroll and Reggie Bush ) and Mr. Kiffin is now 25-13 with loads of high school All Americans??? The last 3 years they have lost 6 games, 2 games, and 5 games. Cross town rival UCLA has landed a much better coach and is building momentum. After the Trojan debacle last year versus Georgia Tech and the alleged locker room incident, one can only wonder how much longer the cat with 9 lives will last under the watchful eye of AD Pat Haden!

Where have you gone……Tennessee? Once a feared program loaded with All Americans, top NFL draft picks, and a perennial SEC power, the Vols have fallen out of sight. Over the last 3 years they have lost 21 games, 7 games every year. Not what the rabid Rocky Top fans are used to! Another new coach, probably another 7 losses this year!

Hey, didn’t you used to be….Iowa? Kirk Ferentz was one of those coaches that year after year, the NFL was knocking on his door. The Hawkeyes were a tough bunch that rose to the occassion for big games. They were a team that you did not want to play on New Years Day. All of a sudden, they have lost 12 of their last 18 games, Kirk is now 100-74, and his massive contract is causing big problems for the Hawkeyes! Over the last 3 years they have lost 8 games, 6 games, and 5 games. The program is going south in the weak Big 10!

Every H.S.All American wanted to go to…..Texas! You remember the Texas Longhorns, don’t you? National Champions ( as recently as ’09 ), you always looked forward to the college game of the year – Texas vs. Oklahoma. The past 3 years have not been kind to Coach Mack Brown. Losers of 4, 5, and 7 games in the last 3 years have made people start to question the program. Coach Brown is 22-16 since the BCS title. If Texas A&M continues the roll they are on, look for a change at the top…..soon.

Has anyone heard from……Nebraska? OK, so we waited for the Texas-Oklahoma game every year, but what about the Nebraska-Oklahoma game? Another school that has somewhat faded from the national spotlight over the years as the SEC has run roughshod over everyone in their way. The Huskers should be dominating a poor Big 10 but they have somehow managed to lose 4 games every year for the last 3. Not what their great and passionate fans are used to! College football needs the Huskers to be good, real good. Bo hasn’t delivered yet and the clock is ticking!

Do they still play football in….Colorado?? There has not been a Buff sighting in years! Only 9 wins in the last 3 years from a program that has delivered many ESPN moments over the years. And guess what? We ain’t going to hear from them any time soon. Thanks for the memories!

Great coach..Great institution…floundering program #1 – Wake Forest. We love Coach Grobe, please take your talents elsewhere. 23 losses in the last 3 years – OUCH!

Great coach..Great institution…floundering program #2 – Georgia Tech. If they played Clemson and USC every week this would be a Top 5 team! 19 losses over the last 3 years gets you out of the limelight quickly. The Ramblin’ Wreck has….wrecked!

Ain’t no fight in the…..Fighting Illini!!A program that every once in a while caused a problem in the Big 10 but 22 losses over the last 3 years makes you wonder if they will every be a factor again. The league will be Michigan and Ohio State for years to come. Period.

Think about the past and the future of these 2 schools….West Virginia and Virginia Tech. Hmmm….The Mountaineers ( 14 losses over the last 3 years ) and the Hokies ( 12 losses over the last 3 years ). Not saying these schools are sliding out of the spotlight, but??? The Hokies get a chance to regain their glory on August 31 when the face defending BCS National Champion Alabama. Can you say repeat of last year when Michigan opened with ‘Bama? Beamer ball will be dreamer ball when the Tide rolls 45 -13!

August 31 is only 62 days away! August 31 kicks off another start to a SEC National Championship!

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