Powerball Lottery Winner Shopping at Walmart

Powerball Lottery WinnerPowerball lottery winner Gloria Mackenzie – the 84-year-old great-grandmother who won $590 million on the lottery appears to have no desire to change her ordinary lifestyle.

The powerball lottery winner who is sharing her fortune with her son Scott, 57,  is still being driven around in his old gold Ford Focus.

She was seen shopping at Walmart  and dining at a local crab shack with Scott and his boyfriend Jerry Cruz, 65.

Gloria, whose husband Ralph died in 2005, was forced to leave the trailer she had called home for 25 years to move into a run-down $30,000 bungalow in the small town of Zephyrhills, Florida, just one year ago.

According to sources…out of concerns for her safety…she plans to move in with her son and his boyfriend.

Lottery officials say  that , Gloria opted to receive the lump sum of $278,172,585.40.

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The Woman who Allowed MacKenzie to Jump Line

When Gloria MacKenzie came forward with her winning $590 million Powerball ticket, there was one unidentified person that figured in her luck.

Powerball Lottery Mindy Crandell

The 84-year-old MacKenzie said a woman let her cut ahead in line in the Florida supermarket where she bought the ticket via quick-pick, a nice gesture that may have cost the Good Samaritan a fortune.

That Good Samaritan has since been identified as 34-year-old mom Mindy Crandell, reports Bay News 9, and she has no regrets—in fact, she hopes the money “truly blesses” the MacKenzie family. “It could have been us, but things happen,” she tells ABC News. “Sometimes it’s better to be patient than right.

I knew we were teaching our daughter the right thing.” Crandell says she was waiting in line to get a ticket of her own when she got distracted by her daughter.

At that point, MacKenzie stepped ahead of them, and when the clerk gave Crandell the chance to get her spot back, Crandell declined.

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