Boston Marathon Victim Attends Prom

Boston Marathon victim was able to attend her prom.

Just weeks after Sydney Corcoran was injured and laying in the street following the Boston Marathon Bombings …never did she dream that she would be able to  attend her high school prom.

Corcoran, a student at Lowell High School Sydney whose  femoral artery had been severed by the explosion was at the sidelines with her mother, watching her aunt finish the race when the two bombs went off.

Her mother Celeste was also severely injured and had to have both her legs amputated below the knee while Sydney’s legs were shredded and severely damage but were lucky enough to be saved.
The 18-year-old student said that although attending the dance initially seemed impossible after the bombing, rehabilitation convinced her that she could go.

Corcoran attended the prom and was named prom queen…she will begin college in the fall.

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