Sarai Sierra, Missing New York Woman Found Stabbed in Istanbul

Sarai Sierra, the missing New York City woman who went missing while vacationing alone in Istanbul has been found dead of what appears to be a stabbing.

Sierra, a  33-year-old mother of two and photographer  left the United States in route to Turkey on Jan. 7 .  She was suppose to  also visit  Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Munich, Germany.  Sierra had planned to go on the trip with a friend, but went alone when the friend couldn’t make it.

Sierra was last heard from on Jan. 21st which was the day she was scheduled fly from Istanbul to Newark International.  According to sources…she never boarded the plane.

According to sources…the Anadolu Agency says residents discovered the body of a woman near some ancient city walls in a low-income district and that police later identified it as Sierra’s

Authorities in Istanbul detained, questioned and released a man who was one of the last in contact with Sierra.  The man  identified as ‘Taylan’ had apparently been communication with the missing woman and was suppose to meet her the day she went missing.

Crime in Turkey is generally low and Istanbul is a relatively safe city for travelers, though there are areas where women would be advised to avoid going alone at night.

Authorities were able to create a timeline which traced her whereabouts from the day she departed through until the day she disappeared…See Next Page….

  • January 7:   Sarai Sierra left the U.S. for Istanbul
  • January 15:   Sierra traveled to Amsterdam
  • January 16:   Sierra traveled to Munich
  • January 19:  S ierra returned to Istanbul
  • January 20:   Owner of house she was staying at claims to have last seen her
  • January 21:  Mother was scheduled to board plane back to U.S.  Sierra’s family say they last heard from her.Contact with ‘Taylan’ shows she planned to meet him on Galata Bridge
  • January 22:   Sierra’s plane landed in Newark, New Jersey without her
  • January 30:   A Skype call was placed on her American cell phone
  • January 31:   Sierra’s cell phone was activated again

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