Amazing Video An Injured Dolphin Signals Distress to Diver

A distressed and injured bottlenose dolphin sought out some divers in for help in the waters of Kona, Hawaii.

 Expert diver Keller Laros discovered on the night of Jan. 11, the dolphin had a hook embedded in its mouth and fishing line wrapped around one of its pectoral fins, and it was wound so tightly that it had cut into the creature’s tissue.

The dolphin appeared to approach Laros for help and rolled over to position itself properly.

Diver and photographer Martina Wing made sure her cameras were rolling when an associate took out a pocket knife and began trying to cut the line away. Amazingly, it did not resist and appeared to be communicating its need for assistance.

Fast Facts About Dolphins…

Size: The familiar bottlenose dolphin is around 8 feet (2.5m) long and weighs between 440-660 lbs (200-300kg).
Because the forty species of dolphins are so diverse, they range in size. The smallest of the dolphin species, Maui’s Dolphin, is around 4 feet (1.2m) long and weighs around 90 lbs (40 kg). The largest dolphin species is the orca, or killer whale. Male orcas grow to about 25 feet in length and weigh about 19,000 pounds.


Dolphins are well known for their agility and playful behavior, making them a favorite of wildlife watchers. Many species will leap out of the water, spy-hop (rise vertically out of the water to view their surroundings) and follow ships, often synchronizing their movements with one another. Scientists believe that dolphins conserve energy by swimming alongside ships, a practice known as bow-riding.

Dolphins live in social groups of five to several hundred. They use echolocation to find prey and often hunt together by surrounding a school of fish, trapping them and taking turns swimming through the school and catching fish. Dolphins will also follow seabirds, other whales and fishing boats to feed opportunistically on the fish they scare up or discard.

Dolphin Save Cuban Boy

Elian Gonzalez, the Cuban boy who was at the center of an international custody dispute in 2000, says dolphins saved his life by helping him stay above water and cling to an inner tube after the boat he was traveling in sank.     See Elian Photos Next Page…..

Video Distressed Dolphin seek Help from Diver

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