Warning…Be Careful Adding Facebook Friends

Please be careful:  Hackers…the most despised online  professionals in the world of “cyber technology” who have nothing more to do than compromise the accounts and privacy of all the honest people who utilize the internet for the purpose of work, socializing or whatever they so choose do, have found something new.

According to sources…they use a picture from your  Facebook  account and create a new one using your name and photo.  Then they ask your friends to add them.

Your friends think it is you, so they accept the request.

They are then able to post whatever they to whom ever they want under your name.

Sources are advising users to notify their friends that if they get a second friend request using the name of a friend already on your their list…do not accept it…  IGNORE it

They are also encouraging Facebook users to protect their privacy as well as the privacy of others by  to spreading the word about this latest scheme . 

Copy Link Here and Notify  Your Friends

The Hacker Way: Facebook Reveals Its Top Hacks of 2012

Facebook Hacking.

Facebook is taking steps to educate its members about how to stay safe online and help them prevent their accounts from becoming compromised.

The social networking giant has started posting security tips at the top of each user’s profile page, with links to information about different types of scams they are likely to see.

11 Facebook Privacy Steps to Take Now

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