Taylor Swift Beach Body Makeover Photos

Taylor Swift has once again parted ways with Harry StylesSwift…the exact cause isn’t clear.  Perhaps Taylor needs to lighten up and let loose a little.   Oh yeah…she might want to stop singing those “love ballads” about ex-boyfriends and stop wearing those awful bathing suits.

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Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Split

January 7th, 2013
Add Harry Styles name to Taylor Swifts list of “break up ballads” in the making. Swift, 23, and Styles 18, apparently had a New Years vacation spat which ended their month long fling. An unnamed source has reported that they had a big “blowout”t following their New Year’s Eve celebration.  On New Years day…Swift and […]

Katy Perry Romantic Dinner With John Mayer

January 5th, 2013

The on again-off again relationship between singers John Mayer, 35,  and Katy Perry, 28, over the past few months has left many questioning the status and future of their “courtship.” According to sources…the couple was spotted at the Osteria Mozza in West Hollywood on Friday night and their interaction would clearly indicate “romance.”

Taylor Swift Dating Harry Styles

December 6th, 2012

Once again….Taylor Swift is going to give love another try.  Taylor Swift…who has  had her fair share of heartache is going to give ♥love another try.  This time it’s with singer Harry Styles from the group “One Direction.” According to sources…the 22-year-old  was seen  walking hand-in-hand through Central Park.

Taylor Swift Boyfriend Trivia

November 17th, 2012

  Celebrity Boyfriends:  John Mayer, Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, Conor Kennedy, Jake Gyllenhaal and Harry Styles.  Taylor was recently rumored to be dating One Direction’s  Harry Styles and revealed they’ve got some unfinished business together.  Styles is 18…Swift is 22.   

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