2012 College Football Playoff Schedule

Now that all the major bowls are finished, it’s time to set the playoff schedule. I know I am dreaming and playing in a fantasy world, but what the heck, miracles do happen and one day the joke of a governing body ( the NCAA ), will get off their fat wallets and fix this great sport. We know their is one game to go – the BCS National Championship game – but those two teams are the top 2 seeds for our “mock” playoff system. In my dream, the bowl games leading up to today have set up the brackets for the 8 team playoff schedule. The selection committee ( me ) met today ( selection Sunday aired on ESPN at 8 PM – wait, don’t we have that in another college sport??? ) to determine the remaining 6 teams to complete the field of 8. Based on computer BS, strength of schedules, coaches polls, national polls…blah…blah…blah…blah, my “eye test” has determined the following top 8 teams:

#8 Georgia

#7 South Carolina

#6 Florida

#5 Stanford

#4 Texas A&M

#3 Oregon

#2 Alabama

#1 Notre Dame

Teams that are kicking and screaming that they deserve to be in the tournament ( bubble teams – ever hear that phrase before?? ) are FSU, Clemson, Kansas State, Louisville, and LSU. FSU played an awful schedule and only beat Clemson on their resume, Clemson lost to FSU and South Carolina ( they did pull off one of the greatest upsets of all time by beating LSU ), Kansas State lost 2 of their last 3 games and looked bad in doing so, Louisville plays in a weak conference although they did look impressive in beating Florida, and LSU has Les Miles to thank for their 8 second half 3 and outs versus Clemson and all of his bone head calls versus Alabama for 2 of their 3 losses.

On to the tournament and the pairings are set. The top half of the bracket has #1 ND vs. #8 Georgia and#4 Texas A&M vs. #5 Stanford. The bottom half of the bracket has #2 Alabama vs. #7 South Carolina and #3 Oregon vs. #6 Florida.

Notre Dame’s front 7 and Georgia’s “O” line slug it out all game long. Aaron Murray plays like..Aaron Murray and throws 3 second half interceptions. The Irish grind it out and use a ball control offense coming up with critical third down conversions to squeak out a 21-17 victory and advance. Stanford, coming off a big win against Oregon is very well prepared for the Johnny Football Show. They stymied the Duck’s prolific offense and felt confident going into the game that they could slow down the Aggies. The one thing they didn’t realize is that A&M is fast AND physical. In the end, the Aggies wear down Stanford and with 2 late fourth quarter TD’s, beat the Cardinal 31-13. That sets up the semi final match-up with ND and Texas A&M.

In the other half of the bracket, Alabama takes on South Carolina. Let’s flashback to the last time these two teams met. Two years ago, South Carolina completely dominated the Tide and steam rolled over them. Unfortunately, Carolina couldn’t rebound after that game and lost the following week to Kentucky. This time it’s different for the Crimson Tide. The Gamecocks starting QB, Connor Shaw, is out with foot surgery and his back up ( Dylan Thompson ) can’t move around quite as well. The Tide’s defense smothers him time after time and stymies their ground attack also. Clowney has another Heisman type of game but it’s not enough as AJ McCarron and their vaunted running attack lead the Tide over the Gamecocks 27-16. In a battle of fast and faster, Oregon out runs the Gators 41-20. Florida fails to generate any consistent offense and once again has numerous stupid personal foul penalties that keep the Duck’s drives alive. The one time dream match-up ( Alabama vs. Oregon ) for the BCS National Championship game is now set – for the play off semi finals.

It’s Saturday, January 19 and the national semi finals are set. After last weeks great quarter final games, we are ready for the semi final games with #1 Notre Dame playing #4 Texas A&M and #2 Alabama up against #3 Oregon. In the first game of the day Alabama takes a page out of Stanford’s playbook and physically dominates Oregon. The Ducks played a weak schedule this year and have never faced the speed and size of a team like ‘Bama. Oregon gets stuffed up the middle, gets strung out on the edge, and has no time to drop back and throw. On the other side of the ball, Alabama runs, runs, and runs some more all over the Ducks and punishes them for 325 yards on the ground. AJ only has to pass the ball 15 times and completes 13 of them for a 31-10 Tide victory. After much speculation this week, Oregon head coach Chip Kelly bolts after the game and takes his circus to Cleveland! Undefeated ND now is about to face one of the hottest teams in all of America – the Texas A&M Aggies. ND has dodged bullets all year long but Johnny Football comes out firing grenades! After scoring on their first 2 drives, the Irish fall behind 17-3 after the first quarter. Brian Kelly and the Irish keep their composure and work the game to a 20-17 half time deficit. The Irish electrify the crowd as they take the second half kick off and go 102 yards for the go ahead TD. As we move to the 4th quarter the Irish are clinging to a 27-26 lead. With 1:02 left in the game the Aggies get the ball back on their own 27 yard line. After a couple of first downs, the Aggies are left with 3 seconds and the ball on the Irish 48 yard line. Manziel drops back, rolls right, rolls left and Manti T’eo dives at him. He somehow slips through the hit and throws a bomb into the end zone. It’s hauled in by A&M and the Aggies move on with a dramatic last second come from behind victory! The luck of the Irish finally runs out and the Aggies move on to face the Alabama Crimson Tide in a rematch of another Johnny Football miraculous victory.

Finally, Saturday January 26 is here and the NCAA college football title game is set between Alabama and Texas A&M. It’s the Saturday before the Super Bowl ( an off weekend for the NFL – makes sense to have this historic game on this day ) and football fans all across America are juiced up for the first ever college football national championship game. Recognizing one of the greatest coaches in college football, the Eddie Robinson Trophy will go to the winner of today’s game. Texas A&M is in it’s first year of SEC play and Alabama is one of the most storied programs in the country. Can Johnny Football, the Heisman Trophy winner out smart the genius Nick Saban? The Aggies did beat the Tide in the regular season and asking them to beat ‘Bama again may be too much. Vegas has the Tide listed as a 5 1/2 point favorite. How will the Aggies respond after last week’s emotional comeback win against ND? Can the Tide flex their muscle again tonight like they did against the Ducks last week? As expected, the game starts out with a bunch of 3 and outs. Neither team can muster more than 2 first downs in their first 3 possessions and we go into the second quarter tied 0-0. In the second quarter ‘Bama gets stopped with 2 short gains and on third and 6, McCarron gets flushed out of the pocket and floats a pass to the sideline that gets picked off and returned for an A&M TD. Finally, after a quarter and and half we have a score. The Tide take the ensuing kickoff and march methodically down the field with runs of 5 and 7 yards play after play to finally crossing the goal line with 47 seconds left in the half to tie it up at 7. The game was a classic chess match in the first half. Team speed versus team speed. Size versus size. The second half begins with A&M taking the kickoff to the ‘Bama 45 yard line. Just like that, their seems to be some energy in the Aggies. Manziel right, Manziel left, Manziel over the top – BAM – an Aggie TD and they go ahead 14-7! The Tide’s next possession has them looking dazed and tired as a delay of game and off side penalty are called on them. On 4th and 20 they drop back to punt and …. it is blocked! Two plays later Manziel finds a receiver open in the end zone for another Aggie score. The Aggies go up 21-7 and Tide nation is shocked. The upstart Aggies, new to the SEC, pile it on late and thrash the Tide 31-14 to win the first ever NCAA college football championship.

WOW, what a dream! I am exhausted from just writing this. Imagine if this scenario was really true and not a dream? It could be if the NCAA fat-cats would get off their obese wallets and do what’s right for the sport.

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