Gangman Style Video Reaches 1 BILLION Views

South Korean rapper Psy has reached a new milestone on YouTube.

Gangman Style DancePsy Dance His Gangman Style dance moves video which has been on Youtube since July 15…has averaged 200 million vies per month…..It has now reached 1 billion views making it the first time any clip has surpassed that mark on the streaming service owned by Google Inc.

Psy,  whose real name is Park Jae-Sang and his giddy up-style moves….has now passed Justin Bieber’s “Baby” video which received 800 million views.

The “happy dancer” is rumored to have made more than $7.9 million from his hit song in the past few months after it topped the charts all over the world.

Watch Video Here

This month he used his newfound wealth to buy the lavish $1.25 million condo in Los Angeles – which he paid for entirely in cash.

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