Alabama Lineman Bradley Patterson Kicked Off for Racist Twitter Comments

“Out of the locker room Bradley Patterson…and don’t let the door hit ya in the A–on the way out!

Thumbs up to  the University of North Alabama administrators and  athletic director Mark Linder for the action they took in against Lineman Bradley Patterson .

Patterson….whose Twitter user name was (his account has been removed)  ‘2A_HogOfTheYear  posted  a racist tweet about President Obama on Sunday in response to NBC pre-empting the 49ers-Patriots game to show Obama speaking in Newtown, Connecticut for the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

Patterson’s ‘ tweet said : “Take that (N-word) off the tv, we wanna watch football!”  Little did he know …he would soon have the opportunity to watch a lot off football…cause there one thing for sure….he isn’t going to be back on a football field anytime soon!

I bet he made his parents really proud!

Twitter responses to Pattersons “TWITTER” Comments

Shnyda ‏@ShnydaOne -Impressive @Deadspin you got @2A_HogOfTheYear kicked off the team for his insensitive racist comments in a matter of hrs. Power of twitter!

Shad Gaspard ‏@Shadbeast – If you wondering what trash looks like, look no further than @2A_HogOfTheYear @Jard212 @Brandon_Ortiz13

Chris Stop Her! ‏@christoph_904– Northern Alabama player just got cut from the team for posting racist tweets about Obama during his speech, what an idiot @2A_HogOfTheYear

Ryan Mack@ryancmack -So @UNAAthletics just kicks 2A_HogOfTheYear off the team for his racist tweet against @BarackObama. Great job UNA!

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