Corporation Donating $500,000 to Family of Nurse Jacintha Saldanha

The corporation  who owns the Australian radio station 2DayFM…which is being held responsible for the prank call which resulted in the death of a British nurse at King Edward VII’s Hospital…is giving the nurses family 320,000 British Pounds or roughly $500,000. 

Jacintha  Saldanha   , 46, was found dead in the hospitals housing for nurses. 

Saldanha’  is the nurse who answered and transferred the prank call made by two of the radio stations DJ’s who were able to obtain sensitive information about Kate Middleton…the “Duchess of Cambridge” who was in the hospital and being treated for acute morning sickness.

The DJ’s were identified as Mel Greig and Michael Christian. THEY HAVE BOTH  “mutually decide” to go off air.

Police have made no connection between her death and the prank call, but people from London to Sydney have been making the assumption that she died because of stress from the call.

Saldanha’  is survived by her husband and their two teenage children.

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