Worst Parking Job Ever, Video

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h3>Absolutely worst parking job ever… BMW driver bangs her car against a curb and two other vehicles trying to park…

Facts about Parking

A parking space in Hong Kong sold for $664,000. At that price, you might as well live in your car.

UPS gets 15,000 parking tickets in New York a month.

Drivers in NYC spend an average of 107 hours per year searching for a place to park at a cost of $2,243/driver in wasted time, fuel and emissions.

In San Francisco finding a place to park is so scarce that the parking spot attached to your property can add up to 100K to the property’s value.

A fifth wheel was a concept to help with parallel pãrking in the 1950’s.

Feeding other people’s soon to expire pãrking meters is illegal.

In 2000, Gregory W. Nemitz registered land on the asteroid 433 Eros. The land contained $492 Quintilian worth of platinum. When NASA landed a probe on a place on the asteroid that he had called ‘Pãrking Space 29’, Nemitz sent NASA a $20 ticket.

From 1979 to 1993, NYC had upwards of 3000 non-working fire hydrants on sidewalks for the sole purpose of increasing violation revenue.

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