WVU Mascot Told Not to Shoot Wildlife With Musket

Mascot Shot Bear With Musket: Mountaineer Jonathan Kimble Posts Picture Of Kill, Reprimanded By West Virginia 

What does the WVU Mascot Jonathan Kimble do with his musket when he’s not firing at the opponents on the field?  He takes on black bears in the back woods of West Virginia….and…according to photographs…he has a great aim.

Kimbell, 24,  along with some friends and family went on an outing to “who knows exactly” where.  Kimbell, who must have expected trouble took his “musket” with him. 

It was then that he  shot and killed a bear with his  “bona fide” weapon….actually…it couldn’t have been too hard to miss since the bear was perched in a tree…minding his own business and didn’t have time to get away…

A video and photos of Kimbell firing his musket were posted online…

The WVU mascot wears buckskin and a coonskin cap and fires the musket – loaded with black powder but minus ammunition – at home athletic events and other sponsored activities. Hunting isn’t one of them.

According to sources…the University wasn’t amused by his hunting skills and ordered him to stop using the “prop” on his hunting excursions.

“While Jonathan Kimble’s actions broke no laws or regulations, the university has discussed this with him, and he agrees that it would be appropriate to forego using the musket in this way in the future,” said WVU spokesman John Bolt.

The Mountaineer Mascots Tradition…

The Firing of the Rifle is a tradition carried out by the Mountaineer Mascot to open several athletic events. The Mountaineer points the gun into the air with one arm and fires a blank shot from a custom rifle, a signal to the crowd to begin cheering at home football and basketball games. The Mountaineer also fires the rifle every time the team scores during football games.

 Video Bear Falls out of Tree and More

Top 25 Most Unusual College Mascots…

Tigers, lions, bears, and birds of prey are among the most popular college football mascots.

 Conventional wisdom dictates that a good college mascot should evoke strength and power, but some schools defy traditional thought.

25) Rowan University. The Rowan Profs (that’s short for Professors) are represented field-side by an owl named Whoo RU. While the owl itself is not an intriguing mascot, you have to give Rowan credit for the naming pun, which comes with a dash of irony, seeing as they are the Professors.

 24) University of Texas at El Paso. The Miners’ mascot, Paydirt Pete, looks like Woody from “Toy Story” hung out with Burt Reynolds for a little too long. Watch him with the Miners.

 23) West Virginia University. The Mountaineers’ mascot is not merely a furry facsimile of a mountaineer, but is an actual human dressed up in full Mountaineer regalia, including the coon-skinned hat and rifle. Points for keeping it real.

 22) University of Akron. Zippy the Kangaroo makes me wonder why we don’t see more marsupials on the sidelines on Saturdays.


Unusual College Mascots Continued…………

21) Youngstown State University. Who doesn’t like Penguins? Pete and Penny wear their natural tuxedos, giving Youngstown State a unique representation on the field.

 20) Army. The United States Military Academy’s football program might be referred to as the Black Knights, but the Academy’s football team is represented by the Army Mules, the workhorses of mascots.

 19) Navy. The Naval Academy’s mascot, endearingly named Bill the Goat, may not be as unique as some of the others on the list due to Ram proliferation, but his symbolism makes him interesting.

 18) Texas Tech University. The Red Raiders are led onto the field by the Masked Rider, a Zorro-like character who goes above and beyond the typical cowboy mascot.

 17) University of Arkansas at Monticello. This satellite school is represented at football games by a Boll Weevil. A beetle that feeds on cotton buds? Yes, and what makes this even better is the fact that the school calls its women’s sports teams the Cotton Blossoms. I love it.

 16) University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The Ragin Cajuns’ mascot is Cayenne, a giant, walking cayenne pepper. Because, of course, it is. And, no foosball is not the devil, Bobby.

 15) The Ohio State University. Brutus Buckeye taunts opponents like only a real nut can.

 14) Texas Christian University. Superfrog is the official mascot of the TCU Horned Frogs and reminds me of the often overlooked viciousness of Battletoads.

 13) University of Hawaii. The Warriors bring one of the most interesting game-day traditions to the field when Vili the Warrior breaks out in the “haka” chant, leading the team in a prolific show of pride, unity, and opponent intimidation.

 12) University of Texas at San Antonio. Rowdy the Roadrunner goes beyond the typical bird of prey used by most programs. No word on how his relationship is with the Spurs Coyote.

11) Western Kentucky University. The Hilltoppers’ Big Red mascot isn’t really any particular creature. It’s a giant walking blob of red that kind of resembles Grimace of McDonald’s fame. It sure is different.

 10) Stanford University. The Cardinal are represented by a tree, oddly enough. Every time I see the Stanford Tree, I think to myself, “Didn’t I see you in the “Wizard of Oz,” or was it Mortal Kombat 2?”

 9) Syracuse University. What’s big, round and orange? Otto the Orange, ladies and gentlemen.

 8) University of Montana.  But Monte the Bear.. rides a chromed-out Harley and that is something you won’t see at Cal or Baylor.

 7) Ohio Wesleyan University. The Battling Bishop is ready to engage in a holy war. Amusing and bizarre, indeed.

 6) Notre Dame. The Notre Dame Leprechaun representing the Fighting Irish speaks for itself.

 5) Whittier College. Johnny Poet proves that the fountain pen is mightier than the sword. Or does he?

 4) Campbell University. This Baptist college is toeing a fine line by calling its sports teams the Fighting Camels.

 3) Delta State University. The Fighting Okra is unique enough but outfitting him with boxing gloves, a mean scowl, and bushy eyebrows make for one of the most amusing mascots in college football.

2) Georgia Tech. Who else has a 1930s Ford Model ‘A’ called the Ramblin‘ Wreck? No one!

 1) Dartmouth College. Keggy the Keg might be the unofficial mascot at this Ivy League school, but the keg stands alone as the most unique, albeit bro-tastic, mascot in all of college football.


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