College Football 2012 – Recapping Week 14…The SEC Rules!

The much hyped, much anticipated SEC title game exceeded everyone’s expectations and gave us a game of the ages. Thinking Alabama was going to win was the easy, sexy choice.

After all, they are the defending NCAA champs and they have the best big game coach in America. Yes, they have had a few bumps along the way this year, but, they have a bruising running attack, dominating big uglies up front, and a veteran QB pulling the trigger. On the other hand, Georgia came in with a team that has somewhat been a Jekyll and Hyde this year. Their schedule has been questioned, they were blown out at South Carolina, and played to the level of their competition in several games. In a lot of ways, their style of play did resemble ‘Bama and the Georgia faithful were jacked up for a shot at the BCS championship. In the end, we witnessed a classic SEC battle played by tough, physical, fast, athletic warriors that once again, proved without a shadow of doubt, that the SEC is the best conference in America! Great teams, great athletes, great coaches, tremendous QB play, and dominating running games gave us an ESPN Instant Classic. A game we will watch for years to come. Seriously, do you think Kansas State or Oregon could have played with either of these teams yesterday? What about the next best team sitting on the sidelines hoping for some sort of miracle, the Florida Gators?

For the next 5 weeks we are going to listen to all of the Talking Heads tell us that ‘Bama will roll the Irish. The Crimson Tide, with all of it’s SEC muscle, will manhandle the weaker Irish.

How can ND beat Alabama? Alabama has Nick Saban, the best coach in America. Give him 5 weeks to prepare for their next opponent and that team has no chance. You can’t stop the Tide’s ground game, their lineman are too strong and their backs are too tough. Not so fast my friends! ND has the team speed, size, running attack, athleticism, and defensive prowess to match-up favorably with the Tide. Brian Kelly and his staff have done a phenomenal coaching job this year. Week after week we have heard about how the ND dream season will soon burst. Week after week the Irish find a way to win. Week after week we hear on ESPN that ND can’t beat anyone in the Top 10. Week after week the Irish mow them down…..Michigan, Stanford, Oklahoma, Southern Cal ( not a bad resume). Newsflash…we haven’t had a repeat National Champion since Nebraska. Give Brian Kelly 5 weeks to prepare and……….

Let’s not forget about the other great games we had this conference championship weekend. Gotta give props to both UCLA and Stanford for a great PAC 12 championship game. The Bruins, given little chance after last week’s blowout against Stanford, bounced back nicely in the rain and threw a big scare in Stanford’s quest for a Rose Bowl appearance. Coach Mora and his staff did a tremendous job preparing the Bruins for the title game despite only having a few days to get ready. Equally impressive was Coach Shaw and his Stanford staff to get the team up for this quick turn around re-match. Both teams played their hearts out and should be complimented on their performances. Oh, by the way, where are the Oregon Ducks and their high powered offense, flashy uniforms, and Heisman Trophy candidates? At home on the couch where they belong! That’s what you get for playing a pitiful schedule against community colleges, directional schools, and schools just looking for a payday.

Say what you want about the Big East, but the Louisville – Rutgers game was another classic battle. A wounded Teddy Bridgewater lead the comeback and Louisville looks like it will get a BCS game versus FSU. Cincinnati bounced back nicely this weekend and the ‘Cuse have also been a great Big East story this year by earning a bowl bid. Not bad for a league that continues to change….almost weekly!

What happened last night in the Big 10 championship game? Wasn’t Nebraska supposed to win and go on to the Rose Bowl? After all, Wisconsin backed into this game because Ohio State and Penn State are on probation. The Badgers took advantage of several ‘Husker miscues and totally embarrassed them. Nebraska’s Black Shirts looked like West Virginia as they gave up a whopping 70 points! Has Wisconsin found their mojo finally?

Speaking of ESPN classics and titanic match-ups, how about the ACC title game? Georgia Tech, just like Wisconsin, backs into the game with a .500 record. FSU, just like Oregon, plays a pitiful schedule and wins their half of the bracket by winning 1 meaningful game against Clemson. The Seminoles, just like they did at NC State, plays well in the first half and then sleep walks through the second half. The only difference is that last night the played a team that couldn’t throw the ball 10 yards down the field and hung on for a very lackluster win. Just another reason why the ACC gets no respect!

I hate it for the LSU faithful! They got teased this week when it was announced that Arkansas was trying to lure Coach Les Miles away from the Tigers. I know they were jumping for joy hoping “The Hat” would take his act to Hog Heaven and they would reach out to a coach that would bring more NCAA championships to Baton Rouge. Could you imagine what a coach like Chris Peterson of Boise Sate and all of his offensive genius would do with all of that talent in the state of Louisiana? I think Nick Saban and his reign of terror would come to an end in the SEC West! Oh well Tiger fans, you’ve got to hope that you will win despite the poor decisions Coach Miles makes.

A To Z Top 25:

  1. Notre Dame 12-0
  2. Alabama 12-1
  3. Florida 11-1
  4. Kansas State 11-1
  5. Oregon 11-1
  6. LSU 10-2
  7. Texas A&M 10-2
  8. Stanford 11-2
  9. South Carolina 10-2
  10. Georgia 11-2
  11. FSU 11-2
  12. Oklahoma 10-2
  13. Clemson 10-2
  14. Boise State 10-2
  15. Louisville 10-2
  16. Utah State 10-2
  17. Oregon State 9-3
  18. Northern Illinois 12-1
  19. Kent State 11-2
  20. UCLA 9-4
  21. Nebraska 10-3
  22. Michigan 8-4
  23. Rutgers 9-3
  24. Cincinnati 9-3
  25. Northwestern 9-3

Best of the rest: Tulsa 10-3, UCF 9-4, Wisconsin 8-5, Texas 8-4, Vanderbilt 8-4, San Diego State 9-3, Fresno State 9-3, Mississippi State 8-4, USC 7-5, La Tech 9-3, San Jose State 10-2, Ohio 8-4, Ball State 9-3

Heisman Trophy Update:

5. Montee Ball – RB Wisconsin

4. AJ McCarron – QB Alabama

3. Manti Te’o – LB Notre Dame

2. Collin Klein – QB Kansas State

1. Johnny Manziel – QB Texas A&M

I am not going to go through all of the potential bowl match-ups, but you have to feel sorry for the powerful SEC. Yes, Alabama is playing for the BCS National Championship. And yes, Florida gets a BCS game with Oklahoma. But what about the rest of the powerhouses? Georgia against Texas? LSU versus Clemson? South Carolina against Northwestern? Texas A&M vs. Nebraska? This once again just proves what a flawed system we have. The Bowl Post Season is a joke and needs to be fixed. I am sure that the fans of Vandy against Michigan and Mississippi State versus Duke are happy to be in a bowl game, but the previously mentioned SEC powers can’t be happy with where they are going. If these teams show up, it will be an SEC parade. If they aren’t interested in being there, who knows what will happen. Again, is this what we want for the finish of an OUTSTANDING college football season?

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