Lindsay Lohan Arrested

Just when you think that there might be hope for troubled actress Lindsay Lohan…she goes out…gets drunk, shows her true colors and winds up in legal trouble.  Again!

Lohan’s most recent incident took place Wednesday night.  She was  arrested for allegedly hitting a woman in the face at the Manhattan nightclub “Avenue.”

The woman who was identified as Tiffany Mitchell claims that Lohan  called her a “f**king gypsy” … and that’s when tensions exploded. Words were exchanged and Lindsay was headed to jail.

See Tiffany Mitchell Photograph Here

 Read details about what provoked the fight here


Lohan Kids are Fed Up With their Father Michael

October 22nd, 2012

Michael is reportedly hoping to get a conservatorship for Lindsay. Listen here Michael Lohan…your kids have a clear message for you…”STOP SPREADING LIES.” Papa Lohan’s recent antics and attempts to discredit the integrity (well maybe not cause they don’t have any) and public image (well maybe not cause they screwed that up a long time […]

Lindsay Lohan Assaulted in NYC

September 30th, 2012

UPDATE: Celebrity Gossip,  The assailant in the Lindsay Lohan assault, Christian LeBella, congressional staffer who works for Republican John Shimkus, has had the charges against him dropped. Actress Lindsay Lohan was allegedly assault this morning by a man she claims she  and her friends met Saturday night at 1 Oak…a nightclub in Chelsea. Later that […]

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