Model Rob Evans Arrested

Model Rob EvansRob Evans, a judge on America’s Next Top Model” has turned himself in to police.

He was reportedly involved in  an altercation in which he allegedly beat a man so badly, the guy ended up in the hospital.

The details surrounding the altercation which took place on March 14 at the  Next Modeling agency in Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills last March are not known.  However… a source did report that the unknown man involved in the altercation with Evans was “talking trash.”

A warrant was issued for Evan’s arrest. According to his attorney …he wasn’t aware that a warrant had been issued and that when he found out he turned himself in. 

Evans, a former boxer and a British male supermodel who joined the cast of the hit reality competition show this year, was charged with felony assault.  He was booked and then released on $60,000.00 bail.  Evans insists he was acting in self-defense.

Rob Evans Interesting Facts:

He’s ranked #17 on’s list of Top 50 male models. Before you dismiss the list, we at least ask you to take a look for yourselves. These are runway and high-fashion models, not fan favorites or model-actor hybrids. It’s the real deal.

He’s a foreigner. Rob is a very sexy combination of British and Irish, according to Rod 2.0, which makes him even hotter, in our opinion. Even Nigel Barker was only British…

He’s a boxer. This video, featuring Rob boxing shirtless, is a must-see. If you’re wondering why, please read that last sentence again.

He has serious international representation. Not only is Rob represented by modeling agencies in New York and Los Angeles, but he has agents in Paris, Copenhagen, Brussels, and Barcelona, to name just a few. Even some big shots only have agencies in two or three cities representing them at once, but clearly Rob’s handsomeness is a universal language.

He danced in heels in Madonna’s music video. In Madge’s video for “Girl Gone Wild,” she goes vintage “Vogue” with a black-and-white aesthetic, starring just her and some ridiculously hot male models. Rob is, naturally, one of them.
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