American Idol Winner Phillip Phillips to Undergo Surgery

This seasons “American Idol” winner Phillip Phillips is scheduled to have surgery on Tuesday afternoon.

Phillips, who has had 8 prior surgeries due a congenital condition which affects his kidney’s and causes kidney stones. The “Idol” winner is unable to pass the stones and is in continuous in unbearable pain.

Seven Weeks ago, Phillips got a temporary fix, after a flexible hollow tube known as a stent was inserted at one end…into his kidney and the other end curls up into the bladder. The narrow tube allows urine to pass through his  kidneys to the your bladder.

Phillips, returned back town his home in Georgia a week ago…He was advised by his physician to “throw in the towel” and have the surgery.  He refused.

Following the procedure, the “American Idol” production company has arranged for Phillips and family to stay at a  mansion in Malibu while Phillip recovers.

According to sources…It is estimated that it will take two weeks to recover, however, in some cases …It takes up to six weeks.

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Phillip Phillips Girlfriend Hannah Blackwell

Phillip Phillips Singing  “Have You Ever Seen the Rain

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