Joshua Ledet Gets Offer From a Male Strip Club

josh ledet Joshua Ledet, one of the strongest contestant to ever appear on “American Idol” was eliminated last week leaving Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez as the top two remaining contestants competing for the title.

Despite his elimination…there is no doubt…he has a career in the music industry and quite possibly (but most likely…NOT) the “male” entertainment business.

Following last weeks cast-off,  the Louisiana born singer Ledet, who was dubbed “Mantasia” by Idol fans… was offered to appear in a real-life stage production…not a typical one though…this production was with a bunch of naked men…at a strip club.  “INTERESTING” to say the least!

Ledet, who was dubbed “Mantasia” by “American Idol” fans was contacted by the male strip club known as “Mantasia” which is located in NYC and was given an offer to perform.

The clubs boss, even went as far as to say…even if he isn’t interesting in taking it off..  “We’ll find something for him, he’s a very talented performer.”

According to sources…Joshua has given no response to the offer…however, if we had to guess…we don’t think its likely.  He may be willing to perform there as a singer…but the only stripping you will see by Joshua will be exactly what he did on the idol…the jacket might come off…but that’s about it!

He’s not a stripper…he’s got way too much class!

“Mantasia” Strip Club

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