Kim Kardashian Flour Bomber Christina Cho

UPDATE:  The “Flour Bomber” who dusted Kim Kardashian while on the red carpet last week has been identified as Christina Cho.

Cho is an influential activist for PETA  and has a long history of  being involved in anti-fur protest.

Sources reported that in 2010…during a Women’s Conference event in New York…Cho grabbed the microphone from fashion designer Donna Karan and condemned the use of fur in the fashion industry.

The “superstar” activist won an award for work in the organization in 2010

The organization is denying any connection to Cho’s “flour bombing” stunt.  However they told Celebuzz

“We don’t believe Kim would be so shortsighted as to go after this woman, but if she does, we’ll definitely look at how to maximize exposure to the cruel fur industry, and that could mean defending the activist if she wishes.”

PETA was founded in 1980 and according to its Web site is the largest animal rights organization in the world with 800,000 members. It seeks to raise awareness about animal cruelty in four areas of greatest animal suffering: factory farms, laboratory research, the fur trade and entertainment industry.

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