Kim Kardashian Flour Bombed Video

Reality T.V. star Kim Kardsahian was “flour bombed” as she arrived on the red carpet Thursday night at the London Hotel in West Hollywood.  She was there to launch her new fragrance, “True Reflection.”

There was a moment of panic as the officials tried to determine what the white substance was.   Sheriff’s deputies and firefighters responded to the scene and determined that it was nothing more than white flour.

According to the website…the attacker’s motive remains unclear.  The person responsible for throwing the flour screamed “fur hag.”

The unidentified woman was taken into custody.  Kardashian declined to press charges.

After a good dusting off…she returned to the red carpet to continue her launch.  As they say in Hollywood…”the show must go on.”

Kardashian laughed the incident off and in an interview she told E! online “Like I said to my makeup artist, I wanted more powder and that’s a whole lot of translucent powder right there.”

Attacks such as this are not just isolated to celebrities…Mitt Romney was bombed twice last month while on the campaign trail.  The attacks on Romney was believed to be the works of gay rights and Occupy activist.  The only difference between Romney’s attack and the reality television stars attack is that Romney was bombed with “glitter bombs.”

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