2 over 15 OR 15 over 2?

2 over 15 OR 15 over 2?

With so much parity in college basketball today, was it an upset that Lehigh beat Duke or Norfolk State beat Missouri? We almost witnessed the first ever #16 seed ( UNC Asheville ) beating a # 1 seed ( Syracuse ). Do you remember a few years ago when Kentucky was a 35 point favorite over Podunk University in round 1? Or, Indiana was a 40 point favorite over NWSE Montana AT&T? Those days are over!! Todays tournament has more 30-2 teams playing teams with a 26-7 record in the first round than ever before. Duke wasn’t expected to go very far this year, especially with star forward Ryan Kelly out with an injury. However, many brackets were destroyed when Missouri bowed out to Norfolk State in the first round. Do you think Kentucky, Michigan State, UNC, and Syracuse look forward to playing UNC Asheville, Norfolk State, Lehigh, Belmont, VCU, S. Florida, or Davidson anymore?

Think about all of the talented and legendary coaches in this years field. Most of all of todays giants in the coaching industry are in the 2012 “Madness“. Just as exciting about this year is the return of Indiana to the Big Dance as well as seeing the return of Rick Majerus to the coaching sideline. Mark Gottfried leads the Wolfpack back to the national scene after a stint with ESPN and Shaka Smart proves that VCU is not a “one hit wonder”. Great stories, great personalities, great drama, and great matchups!

With all the “Madness” going on in basketball, can you imagine how crazy it would be if there was a playoff in college football? Let’s dream for a moment…….Round 1 of the playoffs – # 1 Alabama vs. # 8 South Carolina. # 2 LSU vs. # 7 Boise State. # 3 Oklahoma State vs. # 6 Houston. # 4 Oregon vs. # 5 Arkansas. For the second year in a row, Steve Spurrier and the Gamecocks upset the Tide. In that same bracket, Arkansas stymies the Ducks to advance to play the Gamecocks in the semi finals. In the other bracket, the Honey Badger & LSU can’t stop Kellen Moore and pass happy Boise State. The Tigers get down early and are forced to pass on every down – you know how that plays out! Oklahoma State survives a 56-49 shootout to beat Houston. In the semi finals, South Carolina continues it’s struggles against Arkansas and loses 35-31. Poised and confident, Boise St. methodically picks apart OK State for a 42-23 victory setting up the National Championship game between Boise State and Arkansas. In a classic “David” vs. “Goliath” matchup, the SEC flexes it’s muscle to dominate Boise for 3 quarters and take a commanding 31-13 lead going into the 4th quarter. Boise storms back and with 1:51 left in the game they trail 38-34. With the ball on the Hogs 48 yard line and 3 seconds to go, Kellen Moore does his best Doug Flutie imitation and launches a Hail Mary pass into the end zone. The ball gets tipped and Boise catches the ball on the 1 yard line as time expires thus ending one of the most exciting games in NCAA history!! What a dream……If only the college presidents could get their heads out of their ??????

Speaking of getting your head out of your????? Nice job Carmelo Anthony on getting your coach fired. Let’s see…..the Knicks are a .500 team since signing you to a zillion dollar contract. While you were out, they became the best story in the NBA. I know, since you fired your coach, you have won 3 straight games. This just proves that in the NBA, the inmates run the asylum!

News flash to Peyton Manning…. Stop the tour and sign with the Niners! Talk about the perfect scenario for a player. If you truly want to win and come out of the shadow of your little brother, San Fran has all the weapons for you to win not one, but 2, 3, or 4 more rings.

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