Elton John’s Partner Won’t be Watching the Superbowl

David Furnish, singer Elton John’s hubby, who blasted Madonna at this years Golden Globe Awards, has reportedly told sources at TMZ….that there is “no way in hell” he will watch the “material girls” halftime. show.

Furnish, was leaving a L.A. restaurant, when he was ask about whether or not he would watch the performance.  According to sources, he doesn’t watch football….and insist that it was nothing personal.  Yeah right!

In case you missed it…Furnish referred to Madonna as a “desperate” narcissist…after she got the award for best song…..beating out EltonFurnish later backed off his statement…however, no official apology was never made.

Could his desire to boycott one of the biggest television events of the year, the Super Bowl, actually be a result of not liking football….or could it be one more dig in one of  Hollywood’s hottest feuds?

Bet if Elton was performing …he’d be watching…front line and center!

Who really cares if he watches it at!

See video here

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