Joe Paterno 1926-2102

There is a place called “Happy Valley” which was known to have one of the greatest coaches of all time. His sportsmanship and integrity could be felt whether he was on or off the field. He was a believer in the sport of college football, his players, the University he represented and the pride of the Nittany Lions. He devoted his life representing Penn State and what it stood for.

The recent loss of such a ‘great person, husband, father, friend and coach has left the entire nation mourning the tragic loss of this of the man known as “Joe Pa.” As flag’s throughout the country flew at half staff today, it only exemplified the impact of his loss.

Shortly after the Jerry (scumbag) Sandasky case surfaced….the University made the decision to fire the Nittany Lions head coach after 46 years. Paterno won more football games than any other major college coach…but more importantly, his victories  came without controversy….His team won the fair way.

His death came just 65 days following his termination. Shortly following he was diagnosed the Lung Cancer. He seemed to be improving. On Jan. 13, Paterno developed complications as a result of his illness and was hospitalized. He passed just a few days later. His cause of death according to doctors was related to his health which is definitely an attributed factor, however, for those who knew him well… are now questioning whether or not Joe Pa die of lung cancer or is it possible that he “died of a broken heart?” May Rest In Peace!

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They call him Joe Pa
Today, we lost one of the most recognizable people in all of sports. A giant, a legend, a bigger than life figure – Mr. Joe Paterno passed away. We may never see one person devote their entire life to one institution ever again. Too many coaches today are chasing the almighty dollar and are always looking for that next big payday. Mr. Paterno could have walked away any number of times to other schools or to the NFL. That was not Joe. Joe Paterno was Penn State.
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