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The 411 on Vacations
Everyone loves to go on vacations!  Those special two weeks of the year when we can go anywhere we choose and live it up for a little while, pretending we are rich and the money is no object.

Sometimes you just have that little bit of extra money and can easily splurge a bit. There are many things that you could spend your money on when it comes to going on holiday. For example, some people like to spend money on how they get to their holiday destination. Some people drive, others take a ferry, some people like to have their own plane. If this is something that interests you though, then you could easily check out a company like NetJets who can help you let this happen.

vacation 411Of course, the reality of that, for most of us, is a whole year of saving every penny to accumulate enough cash for a two week vacation in a fine resort somewhere, while still watching every cent we spend.

Late Deals

That’s where last minutes deals can ease the strain on our pockets. Late ski deals and last minute summer deals are always available for those who know where to look. You can contact your favorite travel agent or book direct via the internet. Expedia, Last Minute or the hotel complex you wish to stay at will also provide last minute deals.

Expedia and Last Minute allow you to tailor make your own vacation, but choosing when you leave, when you get back, where you stay, and the choice of accommodation, such as two, three, four and five star hotels (like Crowne Plaza Denver) , all-inclusive deals and vacation rentals homes and cabins. They also provide scheduled flights to your specific location and some include the transportation to the hotel in the price.


We all know that shopping round will usually turn up a better bargain than those we first see. Always make a note of the first one and compare prices as well as travel dates. If your travel dates are flexible you might be able to get even more money off by choosing to take your vacation somewhere toward the end of the travel season.

Whether you choose to sun yourself in Florida, or fly to Paris, Greece, Spain or Mexico, you will no doubt find a hotel or resort that will suit you.

Don’t forget, also, that there are places which are ideal for kids and families as well as places which concentrate solely on couples or adults. You may not want to sit by the pool listening to a bunch of kids screaming all day, so look around for vacations that best suit your personal requirements.

Couples and Adult Companions

Some couples or just buddies prefer to go to more un-friendly places to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of their vacation, or to have a good old booze up without worrying about negative influences on children.

Ski resorts have become highly popular in recent years and accommodate other sports like snowboarding too. These resorts rely largely on the winter months providing enough snow on the pistes. Some places do have all year round snow but you need to look further north for those kinds of vacations. Countries like Canada, Alaska, Norway, Sweden and Finland could provide the perfect ski holiday in early spring. There is also, of course, Colorado, whose most famous ski resort is in Aspen. For winter breaks, there is also Austria, Bulgaria and Switzerland if skiing is your passion.


Maybe you prefer to laze around on a quiet sandy beach somewhere without your cell phone and the outside world, and stay in luxurious Sea View Accommodation, if so, there are some wonderful resorts in Asia, the Bahamas, Greece, the Seychelles, Mauritius, and the Mediterranean sea.

Flights and hotels can be included in the prices and you only need to decide your departure times, accommodation type and star value. Other than that, just get your beach towel and sun cream ready and you can relax on a sunny beach with a good book.

Most travel companies advocate early booking to get the best prices on your vacation. This is not always possible unless we know well in advance of our preferred travel dates. Many of them give early birds a discount for online booking, but again it may be possible to get an even better last minute deal because they will be anxious to fill those spare seats.


In this current financial climate there are vacation and travel companies going into liquidation every month. If you do book a vacation in advance, take every precaution to ensure that your chosen company is not on the danger list. Also, your company should be ATOL protected and will guarantee that you get a full refund in the event that the company does have trouble fulfilling its obligations.

Oh, and don’t forget that all-important travel insurance. You never know when you might get caught out. Especially with skiing vacations. Accidents happen and having a broken leg in a foreign country can cost you…well, an arm and leg!

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