Joplin Missouri

Tornado Destroys Parts of Joplin Missouri

A  devastating tornado ripped through  parts of the southwest Missouri city of Joplin claiming the lives of at least 89 people on Sunday.

According to authorities the death toll from the ravishing storm is expected to rise…as the search, rescue and cleanup operations begin.

The storm damaged a hospital as well as everything else in it’s six mile path.  Residents were advised to seek shelter and warned twice that the tornado was headed in their direct..It’s massive size made it difficult.  Much of the city’s south side was level.  It is estimated that 25 to 30 percent of the town suffered extensive damage!

This storm is the second in just weeks to take it’s toll.   In April Alabama was left in ruins.  Although residents effected by the storm  have begun to pick up the pieces…it is clear it will take months or years for their lives to return to normal.

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