Gabrielle Giffords

Endeavour makes it Final Trip into Space

Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (Republican), was on hand today to watch her husband Astronaut Mark Kelley, commander of the space shuttle the Endeavour make it’s final launch into space  at 5:56 a.m. this morning.

The launch with was scrubbed several weeks ago….was launched successfully from Kennedy Space Center this morning as congresswoman Giffords watched with pride!

Giffords was injured in the tragic shootings in January 2011 at an Arizona Political Event.  She continues to make remarkable improvements while in a rehabilitation facility in Texas.  She  was also  on hand for the previously scheduled  launched which was canceled.

Sources reported that Giffords,  was proudly wearing her husband’s wedding ring around her neck and smiled as she watched the shuttle roar into space.  Kelley also took his wife’s wedding ring with him  as well as a hand written note from Giffords. He will read it once the shuttle has reached it’s destination.

This is a remarkable story of strength, hope, a desire to overcome and just how strong the power of love can be.

To Kelley and his crew among the Endeavor we would like to say “Godspeed” and that we hope your travel into space is successful and we look forward to your safe return back to earth.

To Giffords we would like to say,  you have got to be one of the most amazing women in the world.  To have made the progress you have  after all this years trials and tribulations which you have endured over the past few months.

Your strength and desire to recover has been an inspiration for all of us who shave followed your story.  May you continue to recover!  The staff at Behind Blondie Park will be cheering you on throughout the months to come.

To both Giffords and Kelley we would like to say….your bond is like no other,  we have watched  Kelley day after day sit by Giffords bedside.  Never at one time has it appeared that Giffords or Kelly would give up.    The bond and strength of love between the couple has been like no other.  It clearly goes to show what you can overcome if you “believe.”

Gabrielle Gifford and Mark Kelly

Taking her first public steps since  the tragic shooting  in January, Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford walked  up one step at a time as she boarded the NASA plane today which took her from Houston to Cape Canaveral in Florida.

Moment of Silence

The Supreme Court was  interrupted on  Monday to have a  moment of silence in memory of the victims of Saturday’s  tragic  event which took place in Arizona on Saturday.

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