Obama Birth Certificate

You would think that with we all the turmoil in the world…Donald Trump could focus on something other than President Obama’s birth certificate. The copy of the certificate has been revealed and now Trump (the arrogant reality tv star) is questioning how Obama got into Harvard Law School as a transfer student and is calling on the White House to release his transcripts.

Sporting his side swoop hairdo, Trump  touched down in New Hampshire and was quick to take credit  for making Obama prove that he is a US citizen.  Trump is said to be in New Hampshire to headline a party of fundraiser.

Trump who is rumored to be seeking a possible presidential candidate bid has not voted in a primary election in 21 years…a claim Trump denies.  Perhaps someone should ask him to prove that he has voted.   According to sources, he failed to vote in the general election in 2002. In an interview “the Donald” said he is really proud of himself for being able to make Obama reveal his birth certificate because no one else was able to accomplish that.

Note:  This in no way reflects our political views…however it does reflect our opinion of Donald Trump!

Donald Trumps Hair It’s A Work of Art

A logical explanation which explains how the Donald gets his hair to look like it does.  It’s not just some swoop over comb job…..It’s a real work of art!

Donald Trump Skipped Voting in Primary Elections for 21 Years

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