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Watch what you say, who you text, who you wink at  or who you call “sweet baby and follow it up with “listen here a_hole” (at a production meeting) because  you  it might come back to haunt ya and you find yourself trying to digg your way out of some deep _____!

I think sexual harassment is horrible and it is happening throughout the workplace and on the sidelines every single day.    I have witnessed it first hand as well as seen the tables turn and often times when the roles have been reverse the behavior often seems to go unnoticed which is just plain wrong too.    However this year for some reason it seems to have become an increasing problem in professional sports.

Most recently ESPN sideline reported Jeannine Edwards came  forward to clear up some facts about an incident that occurred  where she says she stood up to colleague Ron Franklin after the radio announcer allegedly made sexist comments that led to the network yanking him from Fiesta Bowl coverage Saturday.

What the heck was this jerk thinking!  This in my opinion was a total lack of respect for his co-workers and a blatant reflection of his true color.  “Sweet Baby”  may be an appropriate term to use under the right circumstances…lol!  Not in the workplace, not from a male co-worker, in a work place that is dominated by males…. and to top it off… use such a high and mighty condescending  tone and say listen hear a-hole!

Edwards says Franklin called her “Sweet Baby,” not “Sweet Cakes.” Second, it wasn’t Edwards that reported Franklin’s behavior to the ESPN. It was a colleague who did that, she says. But yes, it’s true. Edwards says Franklin did call her an “a-hole.”

Ron Franklin: Jeannine Edwards Comment Wasn’t His First

The dust-up between Edwards and Franklin was first reported by SportsbyBrooks.

The series of incidents began during a production meeting before the Chick Fil-A Bowl last Friday.  In attendance were two ESPN announcers Rod Gilmore and Ed Cunningham.

According to Edwards, the wife of Rod Gilmore had been elected the mayor of Almeda California and Edwards and Gilmore was having a conversation about it.   After a few minutes, she said Franklin joined in the conversation and said, “Listen to me sweet baby, let me tell you something . . . ” with a condescending tone.

Edwards says she told Franklin not to address her like that. To which Franklin said, according to Edwards: “OK, then listen to me a-hole.”

Its time to clean up this mess called NCAA college football!!

Its bowl season once again and although there are some intriguing match ups, lets not forget the match ups between way too many 6-6 teams that are played in half full stadiums.

The bowl games are a reward, but what are we rewarding? Mediocrity? Coaches on the move for a bigger payday? Sponsors losing money? I am not against bowl games, we can still have them, but they all need to be revamped.  It starts with a total restructure of college football.

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