The Heat is On

Like Glen Frye once said, the heat is on. The Miami Heat, floundering in the beginning of the season, is now on a roll. Everyone expected them to come out of the box smoking. Instead, they were smoldering. Looking OK one night, and then playing like a bunch of guys just thrown together the next.

What people don’t realize is that just because you have individual talent, it takes time to blend a team together. This was an entire new team made up of a bunch of “throw togethers” and 3 superstars. D Wade was hurt in the beginning of the year and they did not want to step on each others toes to see who would emerge as the team leader. Give Pat Riley and the coaching staff a lot of credit, they did not panic. The fans, ESPN, and the rest of the media were about to write this season off ( original expectation was to win 70+ games ) when the pieces started to fall into place. On any given night now, Bosh, ‘Bron, or D Wade, can and will lead this team to victory. Its going to be a great race for the Eastern Conference title. Don’t count out the Celtics! Yes, they are another year older, but after suffering a heartbreaking loss in the finals to the Lakers last year, they may be more determined than ever. The clock is ticking for them and their window of opportunity is closing. They have new blood, hardened veterans, a championship mentality, and an entire city behind them. Chicago is getting better and Orlando just made some big moves to keep them competitive. Although the Lakers are the 2 time defending champs, there is a shift in power back to the east.

The NBA, after losing some of its luster the last few years, seems to be gaining momentum again and is now riding a wave of popularity. Stay tuned for what looks like one of the most competitive season in years since the Magic – Bird – Jordan days!

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