Todd Ricketts

The Cubs’ grounds-crew locker room will be getting a face lift, there will be a new trailer for the parking-lot attendant and an annual award was created for the workers. But Todd Ricketts will never hose down the bathrooms at Wrigley Field again.

Ricketts posed as an unemployed roofer named Mark Dawson and was tested as a maintenance worker, hot-dog vendor, grounds-crew worker and scoreboard operator at Wrigley for the reality show “Undercover Boss,” which aired Sunday night.

Todd is the youngest of the four Ricketts siblings who purchased the Cubs in October 2009 and drew the assignment of going behind the scenes at the ballpark. He grew a beard, wore glasses as his disguise and moved into an sparse apartment across from Wrigley Field. Ricketts took on the varied tasks but had trouble keeping pace with the bathroom cleaning. He was fired from his job as a maintenance worker by Darryl Wilson.  Read full story and more here

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