Touchdown Jesus, Big Butter Jesus

The statue called Big Butter Jesus or Touchdown Jesus located in Ohio is struck by lightning.

The so-called Big Butter Jesus, or Touchdown Jesus, that iconic62-foot piece of Savior-art on I-75 in Ohio, was struck by lightning last night between 11 pm and midnight. It was completely destroyed by fire, save for the charred steel frame.

Though undoubtedly an impressive work, the steel, wood, and fiberglass statue has been the subject of snickers from passersby for years, due to its yellowy butter-like appearance, and the pose that has been interpreted as calling a touchdown or drowning in a swamp or quicksand. The statue was built at the edge of a lake on the property of Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio.  Read full story at



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Touchdown Jesus On Fire, Ohio Statue Destroyed By Lightning (VIDEO)

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