Cruise Ship Hit By Wave

Cruise Ship Hit by WaveTwo people were declared dead as a cruise ship in the Mediterranean was lashed by a huge wave which was believed to be as high as three story building.

A passenger on the cruise ship hit by massive waves Wednesday in the Mediterranean tells the Associated Press today it was a “terrifying” ordeal.

The news outlet quotes Claude Cremex, 73, of Marseille, France as saying he was in his cabin resting because of the rough seas when the three-story-high walls of water crashed into the 1,790-passenger Louis Majesty.

Outbreaks of stomach illness hit four cruise ships in one week

Cremex says the waves broke windows in a restaurant and flooded passenger cabins. The line said Wednesday that two passengers were killed in the incident and 14 others were injured.

Posted by:  Holly Heels

Authorities Search For Cruise Passenger

The associated press has reported that three Mexican Navy boats and a helicopter have been searching the waters off the Caribbean near Cancun  for an American woman who reportedly fell  from a cruise ship “The Norwegian Pearl”  on Friday.   Jennifer Feitz, 36, was reported missing by her husband just before 5:00 am on Friday.

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