Colby Brooks

The new reality television series Undercover Boss, has started with a bang!

With almost 40 million viewers, to the launch of the show when it premiered after the Super Bowl.


This Sunday night we will see another boss step into the shoes of one of his workers. Cody Brooks the president and CEO of  Hooters of America Inc, will join his staff as a worker, undercover.  Read more here

Larry O Donnell

Undercover Boss premiered on CBS right after Super Bowl XLIV. The first episode of Undercover Boss on CBS featured Waste Management President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) Larry O’Donnell going undercover for a week as Randy Lawrence, to do various underling jobs.

Next week: into the Slurpee-slick empire otherwise known as 7-Eleven stores. As a regular patron of my gleaming local one, I’d better see the night-manager who sells me my 16-ounce coffee receiving a big bonus check…


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