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David Sills, 13,  may just look like an ordinary kid until you see the  Delaware native throw a football, then you quickly find out he is anything from ordinary.

Experts and scouts rave about David’s skills and believe he has NFL greatness in his future!

Many experts say that David has superior physical gifts for his age. Even though he is skinny, he has a rocket of an arm and can pass with pin-point accuracy.

His passes are thrown with a lot of speed and power and he can launch long-balls like a young Peyton Manning.

Mentally, David has the maturity of a quarterback in high school.

Coaches say David has the ability to learn plays quickly, possesses great leadership and can read defenses extremely well.

Although he is not even in Jr. High yet, David is getting an elite-level football education. On top of enrolling David in every top quarterback camp (all of which David dominates), the family has hired a personal coach in Steve Clarkson. The coach knows a thing or two about talent, he runs the Air 7 Quarterback University that current NFL stars like Matt Leinart and Ben Roethlisberger had attended. Clarkson has coached over 25 Division One quarterbacks and believes David is a one-of-a-kind player.

USC Lane Kiffin really is looking to the future, and I don’t mean in the coming season im talking 2015. Wonder kid David Sills has given his verbal agreement to join USC at the rip old age of 13.  Read full story here

Did U Know?

David Sills’ father played college football at Virginia Military Institute.

David Sills’ favorite quarterbacks are Peyton Manning and Drew Brees.

David Sills has two older sisters.

David Sills’ favorite place to visit is California.

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