Michael David Barrett Arrested in the Erin Andrews Case

ESPN – Erin Andrews peephole video Michael David Barrett arrested by FBI. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has arrested

Arrest made in Andrews video case:

A man accused of taping surreptitious nude videos of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews while she was alone in hotel rooms appeared in federal court Saturday and was ordered returned to California.

Michael David Barrett made an initial appearance before U.S. Magistrate Judge Arlander Keys, who ordered him returned to Los Angeles, where charges against him were filed. Keys set another hearing for Monday to determine if Barrett will be freed on bond to return or must go in custody.

Barrett, 48, was arrested Friday night at O’Hare airport as he arrived from Buffalo, N.Y., the FBI said. He faces federal charges of interstate stalking for taking the videos, trying to sell them to celebrity Web site TMZ and posting the videos online, the FBI said.  Read more here

Michael David Barrett from Chicago for Erin Andrews peephole video. The video made headlines across the globe three months ago when her nude photos and videos were displayed on several leading news websites.

The issue had boiled to such level that ESPN gave a shock treatment to New York Post by banning all its reporters from appearing on ESPN program.

The harshest step taken by ESPN against a respected news daily was not due to any business rivalry.

ESPN bosses were annoyed that despite all their efforts New York Post dared to publish a few snaps of Erin Andrews.

New York City area paper of record the New York Post posted some stills of the internet sensation Erin Andrews peephole video and published them in print.

Despite the sensitive handling of the story ESPN has banned the Post and any staffers from the network following the coverage.

In the meantime due to the unprecedented publicity this video has received, hackers and spammers are using the opportunity to their advantage.

Hackers tried to install Trojans on computers of those who are searching for the video.

With most known sites removing the video(s), some shadowy sites tried to befool unsuspecting people by putting files in the name of video. When someone downloaded these files, instead of video her or she uploads Trojan horse on his computer.

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