Lane Kiffin’s Wife Layla Kiffin BIO and PICS

Layla Kiffin is the wife of University of Tennessee Head Coach Lane Kiffin and daughter of former all-American Quarterback and NFL player John Reaves.

According to sources, the couple met while she was working for the Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s organization.  They have been married for eight years.

They have two daughters: Landry, 3 and Pressley, 1. On January 13, 2009, Layla gave birth to their first son, Monte Knox Kiffin.  Read full story here

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USA Today – Aug 26, 2009
In a story in The Tennessean, Layla Kiffin explains what it is like be the wife of coach in Knoxville and how her husband is a lot more sensitive that his

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